Ever paused and asked yourself ‘Why the hell I am doing what I am doing?’. In our everyday life, there is a ton of weird actions that we do, that don’t have any convincing explanations to why we are doing them. What’s even weirder is that without further agreement, many of us commit the very same inexplicable actions! So let’s have some fun counting them down.

Below are 17 inexplicable things we are all guilty of doing:

1. Cleaning your shoes with the brush on the side of the escalator. 

2. Saying “What” even though you heard what the other person had said to you. 

3. Always stopping the microwave with one second left. 

4. Never getting the USB right on the first time. 

5. Not knowing the lyrics of an English song but still singing along. 

6. Constantly checking the fridge to see if any food had magically appeared. 

7. Clapping when you don’t want to dance. 

8. Delay eating until you find the perfect TV show to watch. 

9. BINGE WATCH RULES: While watching an episode, leave the next episode to buffer.

10. Wondering which the Voice judge you would pick if you had a nice voice. (Assuming that the four will turn their chairs to you of course!!) 

11. On a road trip, imagining there is an acrobat swinging from one street light to another.

12. …Or picking another car on the road and considering it your travel companion.

13. Pacing around the house when it’s a long phone call. 

14. Sitting somewhere else other than your booked seats when the movie theatre is not crowded.

15. Rehearsing arguments in your head, just in case it should ever come up.

16. Wiping your cellphone screen to make all the smudge marks go in the same direction.

17. Rewinding a song you like if it got played and you missed 20 seconds of it.