Whether you like it or not, getting married is your license to join the adult world and start acting like a grownup! Alas, we can’t stay kids forever.

Therefore, don’t venture into marriage if you haven’t already done the following things:

1. Sleepover Somewhere Haunted


No worries, we’ve got plenty of such places here in Egypt.

2. Visit The 27 Governorates of Egypt

Hands up, while driving a convertible.

What could be more exciting than a road trip with your pals? And Not just to Alexandria and Luxor, go wild and travel to Ismailia and Arish…

3. Get a Pet

When you have kids, you will have yourself a madhouse. You won’t need to add insult to injury and get a pet!


4. Learn to Fight

Watch it. If you took up fighting after getting married, they might take you for an abused wife!


5. Learn To Cook

No, Noodles doesn’t count as food.

6. Go Camping

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 12.16.43 PM

Spend a night camping under the stars.

7. Attend an Ahly & Zamalek Match

You don’t want to miss the thrills and chills experienced by spectators in these matches, but if your future husband is a football fan, he would want to go crazy with his dudes.

8. Travel With Your BFFs


9. Rowing On The Nile River


10. Start a Career

Once you get married, a new set of responsibilities will be added to your list, so you have to check this one before getting married. It might not be possible later.

11. Spend a Year Abroad

Travelling on your own will make you discover things you never knew about yourself.

12. Get Lost While Driving


13. Ride a Motorcycle


14. Go Scuba Diving


Or at least try snorkeling.

15. Unplug For a Full Day

Or even a full week if you’re feeling zen, and watch a whole TV series online.

16. Conquer a fear


17. Join a Sports Team

United States' Alex Morgan, center, celebrates with teammates including Abby Wambach, left, and Sydney Leroux after the winning goal was scored past Canada's goalkeeper Erin Mcleod during their semifinal women's soccer match at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, Monday, Aug. 6, 2012, at Old Trafford Stadium in Manchester, England. (AP Photo/Jon Super)

Even if you’re not athletic, don’t get into the adult life without having tasted team spirit.

We only live once folks!