Just because summer break is about to come to an end, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your bags packed. If you have chronic wanderlust, then you’ll definitely want to have these apps on hand. All these apps are available on both iOS and Android. 

1. KayakKayak

No one can beat Kayak’s search engine. Kayak searches several travel sites, compares prices of flights, hotels and rental cars to get you the best prices. (iOS, Android)

2. Airbnbairbnb_redesign_5s_hero

Just in case you want to stay in some place with a little more character than a hotel, here’s an app where you can book unique accommodations around the world, from rooms, to entire apartments and houses. (iOS, Android)

3. LoungebuddyLounge Buddy

I don’t know about you, but having to be laid over for hours on end means you might need to find some place to lounge, rest and recuperate. What better way to do that than with Loungebuddy, an app that allows you to book access to premium airport lounges worldwide. (iOS, Android)

4. Citymapper citymapper_app-600

Citymapper is a transportation app that maps routes for anyone making a commute, whether through subway, tram or bus. Citymapper is the best way to map out your commute. (iOS, Android)

5. Seatguruseatgurujpg

With Seatguru, you have control of where you can sit on the flight without having to go on the airline’s actual site. You have interactive seat charts that help you pick the perfect seat for your flight. (iOS, Android)

6. Turoturo

If you’re not into commuting, why not rent a car? Try Turo, an app that allows you to rent a car before your trip and instantly too! No longer do you have to wait in line at the rental car counter. (iOS, Android)

7. Ringoarticle-2636242-1E1B2AAC00000578-843_634x366

Save on international calling rates, with this app. And if you’re thinking “Well, Skype can do that too!”, Ringo actually has lower rates than Skype making it the best value. Ringo also relies on phone lines rather than the internet meaning the sound and connection quality will be a lot better. (iOS, Android)

8. Eventseekerevent-seeker-app-featured

Eventseeker is your source for concerts, events, festivals and nightlife. With Eventseeker, you not only have the ability to get updates and notifications on events but also the option to purchase event tickets directly from the app. (iOS, Android)

9. Mapletsmain_splash6B_black

This app isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth paying for solely because it’s an offline map application, so you don’t have to worry about using your data with Google Maps. (iOS, Android)

10. Rome2rioScreen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.00.59 PM

Rome2rio is a great app if you’re traveling either cross country or cross continental. It gives you the cost of routes for everything, buses, ferries, trains etc. so that you’re not just considering flights. Try taking the scenic route for a change. (iOS, Android)

11. HotelTonighthotel-tonight-promo

Ever planned a last minute trip? Well, HotelTonight is there for those of you who want to find accommodation fast. With category choices like basic, hip and luxe, you can find the right hotel for you. (iOS, Android)

12. Triposotriposo-ios_app

Triposo is like a guidebook all rolled into one app. Get a listing of all the sights, views and places you can go to in the city. These results are also filtered to your preferences; you can even cherrypick your favorite activities via the app. So if you ever find yourself stumped on what to do in the city, then download Triposo. (iOS, Android)

13. Musementmusement-645x385

Another activities app that allows you to book tours, museum tickets and all kinds of events as well. It’s a really good app for anyone who wants to avoid all those ticket lines at the museum! (iOS, Android)

12. PackPointqcpjzp7fk30osppyndsz

PackPoint is a smart packing app that actually checks the weather, and tells you what to pack. If that’s not enough, PackPoint tells you what to pack depending on the activity you’re doing: swimming, hiking etc. (iOS, Android)

13. mPassportiPhoneAppmenu1

Just in case there’s an emergency abroad, or if you get a bad case of the flu, mPassport connects you to the best local hospitals and doctors worldwide. (iOS, Android)

14. TripIttripit_iphone_hero-fixed

Sifting through hotel confirmation emails can be a pain. With TripIt, you can forward these confirmation emails to the app and it automatically creates a master itinerary for every trip, so all your plans are in one place. (iOS, Android)

15. GateGuru3_airportcard

Have you ever been at the airport, headed to your gate only to discover that it’s been changed? Well, that’s where GateGuru comes in. GateGuru gives you updates on your gate, airport security wait times and a detailed list of shops and restaurants at the airport so you never have to stress about flying again! (iOS, Android)

16. Hopper630x355

Hopper is an app that isn’t just about flight booking; it actually tells you the best time to buy your ticket, so that you get the best value for your flight. (iOS, Android)

17. Like a Localimage-1404401278270

Like a Local is useful because it provides you with insider tips on where to go. For those of you who’ve had enough of crowded tourist traps and want a new experience of the town. (iOS, Android)

18. AroundMeiphone

AroundMe allows you to search a list of bars, ATM’s and coffee shops in the area around you, so that navigation is a lot more streamlined. It also includes a list of movie theatres with listings of what is showing. (iOS, Android)

Happy travels!