All of us have weird questions that we never have the courage to ask anyone. For two reasons; either we are afraid people will look at us and question how dumb we are, or because there are truly no definite answers for any of them. So here are some of them as a result of over thinking:

  1. Can Someone exist without living?
  2. If someone exists and is not living his/her life, is he/she alive?
  3. Can an opinion be wrong?
  4. Who invented the different languages? (sounds and words)
  5. Why arenโ€™t we all speaking the same language?
  6. What would happen if our brains could instantly translate any foreign language we hear?
  7. Why is the sky blue?
  8. Why arenโ€™t babies 9 months old when they are born? They stayed in the womb for 9 months right?
  9. What sets the standards of beauty in every society?
  10. Who let the dogs out?
  11. What if cockroaches run from us because they are disgusted by us?
  12. If there are no benefits for flies, why do they exist?
  13. Why should women have right to abort and their child shouldn’t have the right to live?
  14. What if Adam was never deceived by Eve?
  15. Did God create Eve for Adam and not just another guy?
  16. If money is the root for all evil, and we need money to live, does this mean that we can’t live without evil?
  17. What if I’m not my best friend’s best friend?
  18. If you are a risk taker, does this make you careless or fun?

Those are some of the questions that we were thinking about, what are yours?