We all love The great actor Adel Emam AKA El Za3eem and grew up listening to his “effehat” and we won’t deny that we daily face situations that make us say one of his lines. Here are some situations that bring out our inner Adel Emam.

1- When your crush gets himself a partner and tells you “Have you seen my partner”

2-  When your crush likes your profile picture
___online3- Lama el mora2eb kol showaya yo2af gnbk fe el lagna
addtext_com_MjIxODA0OTk0MDE4- When you give something to your friend to put it on the table
-wennabi 7ot dol henak
-a7otohom fein?
addtext_com_MDExMTU2MTAwOTk15- When you ask your parents money
-Baba 3aiz 100 gneih

6- When someone you hate laughs!
3ewvsdlzo7-2014-04-01.thumb7- When someone tells you to do something all over again!
Doctor: 3eed el assignment da tani
tumblr_nob4zu1mWc1usjw3io1_5008- When you’re clueless

Dad: Enta emt7anatak htbda2 emta?
YesButSometimesNo9- When you’re stalking someone and you like an old post by mistake
We-have-signed-in-the-trap-Adel-Imam-the-film-Qfshat-message-to-the-governor-funny-responses10- When a guy says “Women belong in the kitchen”
358994_dreambox-sat.com11- When your mom says “Howa ma7desh bysa3edni f el beit leh?”
images12- When you have a lot to do and your friend reminds you of an extra thing!
You: Ana 3andi quiz w b3do midterm w mazakertsh ay 7aga
A friend: El doctor 2al el quiz da5el fe a3mal el sana
You:photo1381170464_41213- Lama el doctor y2oul “Ana hageeb el emt7an mn el manhag kollo”
 When you switch clothes with your sibling and you get it back stained
1006122_150314565158146_391890199_n15- When you people go like
Dad: Msh hanfra7 beek/beeki b2a
16- When your friends graduate and you’re still stuck in college
addtext_com_MTc1MjQzMTM2MzY217- lama tkoun mgaweb sa7 w bardo tsheel el madda!
ezay-ya-gad3-Adel-Emam-El-Zaeem-Qfshat-film-Peace-dude-Qfshat-movies18- At Home

You: 3amla akl koways ya mama wala akol bara?
Mom: l2, takol bara eh? dana 3amla 2ol2as!
You:facebook-comments_2119- When you hear your family saying something good about you