Our society seems to associate the twenties with marriage. Most of our parents did actually get married quite early on in life. So once you reach the age of 20, you get a load of family members asking you where’s your significant other and telling you ‘O2balek/ak’ at weddings. But, it’s different for our generation. Getting married at 22 isn’t the norm anymore. And if you’re still single at the age of 25, you haven’t ‘3anessti’. Times have changed. Here are 19 amazing things you could be doing in your twenties instead of getting married:

1- Get fit and healthy211508_home_hero

Focus on having the body you’ve always wanted! Get fit; eat well. It’ll get harder later on to lose weight; now is the time!

2- Find your passion and make a career out of itpassion-for-photographyphto

It won’t be easy, but figure out what you love and get your dream job. It might take a lot of time and dedication, but work for it and earn it.

3- Solo trip


Travel on your own. If you tie the knot now, it’ll be a lot harder for you to leave your spouse behind and go on a solo trip. Travel on your own, even if once. You’ll learn so much about yourself and about the world.

4- Have more than one hobbydraw

Nurture that hobby you’ve been neglecting for a while. And develop new ones! Play tennis, squash or anything that you thought you had a liking for but never actually gotten around to try. Go for it.

5- Visit all the countries you’ve been wanting to seeshutterstock_97035794

Travel a lot, whether that is alone like we’ve mentioned earlier or with your best friends, a group of strangers or an organised benevolent group. Just travel and see new places. Visit countries that people don’t necessarily choose to go to. Try to see the world if you can.

6- Learn a new skillkol

Learn a new language! It’ll come in handy some day. Learn how to draw. Take a class that isn’t necessary for your job or your future. It’ll help you grow as a person.

7- Adopt a pettortoise

Get a fish, a tortoise, or even a dog or a cat (If you think you’re responsible enough). Pets are amazing, and you’ll never feel too lonely with them around. Plus, they’ll appreciate it too.

8- Party with your friendspatrico

Party so much because you won’t be really doing that in your 30’s. Go to as many parties as you possibly can, dance and get sick of it all.

9- Spend time with your parents and grandparentsgil

You might still be living with your parents. If you’re in Egypt, you probably are to be honest. And that’s not a bad thing. Take the opportunity to get to know your parents and grandparents more. Now that you’re older, you can actually develop a proper, fight-free (sometimes) friendship with them.

10- Save moneydex

Save up all the money you’re earning from your job/jobs. Use them for travelling, or just save them up for the future.

 11- Join a communitybooks

Join a book club, a cinema club or any club that makes you feel like you belong. Sometimes, we like things that our circle of friends don’t necessarily bond with us over. Join a club where you’d find people who do share your same interests. You’ll feel like you fit in.

12- Learn more about your religion and other religions

Religion confusion
Religion confusion

I’m sure you still don’t know everything there is to know about your religion and faith. There’s so much history; I’m sure most of us still haven’t covered it all. Read everything about it. Educate yourself about other religions. Don’t be afraid to study that which is different; it can be really enlightening.

13- Do something completely stupid that you know you’ll regretok

Now is your chance to do that crazy thing you thought about before. You need to act and be responsible when you’re married and have kids. So now, as a commitment-free adult, you can go as wild as you want. Do something crazy (Maybe not too crazy). Once. And don’t do it again.

14- Go on multiple datesbrain

Date and see all different kinds of people. Experience new relationships. At some point, you’ll have to be serious with someone. But until then, maybe date and have fun. It’ll help you know what works for you and what you’re looking for in your partner.

15- Go skydivingtandem_img2

DO IT. No one cares that much if you die now, so you might as well do it. I mean, your mom obviously cares, but your spouse and kids aren’t waiting for you to come back home, so go skydiving.

16- Go bungee jumpingmaxresdefault

Same goes for bungee jumping. If you’ve been wanting to try it, now is the time!

17- Learn how to cookfoods

You can’t keep on burning all the dishes you attempt to cook. Learn how to properly make a meal, and ace it. Bake a lot too. Make cakes and brownies. Cooking happens to be really soothing.

18- Binge watch so many seriesbingee

Watch all the series everyone keeps talking about. Make a list of all of those you’ve watched and all of the ones you will still watch. It’s fun, so why not?

19- Have your heart brokenok

Break up with the people who add negativity to your life. It’s okay to lose friends. Sometimes, it’s for the best. Have your heart broken and let go of people. Give yourself the chance to get to make new friends! You’ll feel like a different person.

Now, go and enjoy your youthfulness while it lasts!!