These collection of pictures will shoot you right back to a time when the most basic of toys and things were more than enough to keep you away from annoying your parents for hours (The predecessor to iPads). 

1. Street Sharks

2. Using your toy cars on your very own city rug

3. Texting in class

4. Trolls!!

5. This puzzling dial-up connection screen

6. Rainbow slinky

7. Your master painter studio

8. This amazing flying toy

9. The best (and most uncomfortable) pieces of furniture

10. The balancing bird

11. The see-through phone

12. The candycrush of your childhood

13. Better than fancy china

14. Rainbow koosh

15. These witch nails snacks

16. When you wished your home appliances could be your friends

17. The best alternative to getting your own pet

18. Adjustable roller skates

19. Pokemon cards

20. This maze of a screen saver