Sometimes we ‘re having a rough day and nothing seems to be going well, and then something really small happens and it completely changes our mood.


1-ย When you wake up, check the time and realize you have hours to sleep

2- The first sip from a soda

3- The smell of a new car

4- When you are hungry and see your food coming in a restaurant/ delivery guy shows up quicker than expected

5- Finding money in a pair of jeans


6- When you receive a text saying you have a day off from work

7- When you forget about the weekend and find out when you’re leaving work

8- Listening to your favourite song on the radio


9- Receiving something you ordered online

10- Remembering your dreams when you wake up



12- When you get a good grade in an exam that you thought you were failing

13- Taking your bra/shoes off after a long day

14- Head massages when someone washes your hair at the hair dresser


15- Lama tefty fel taree2 w yetla3 sa7

16- Looking good in a selfie or a picture

17- Being home alone

18- Realizing there’s one more cigarette in the box

19- When someone replies to your texts right away

20- Good morning/ Good night texts