1- During Ramadan, you actually mute TV shows w terakez ma3a el e3lanat.

2- You mark distances 3al me7war by the location of the ads and you find kobry October quite entertaining.


3- The approach of the holiday season like Ramadan, 3eed and Xmas means more work and stress for you.


4- Anything new and interesting you come across f 7ayatak could be used for  your next campaign/ event” and EVERYTHING could be a branding platform (if there is budget)…!!


5- Your phone-book is full of contacts saved as “Salma Coca Cola”, “Mohamed K. Samsung”, or “P&G Tamer New”.

Anyone here called bunny chops?

6- You know too much personal details about people working for the different advertising agencies in Egypt, and you’re one of the 43 who watched the TV show “Mad Men”, w fahmeno… 😀


7- 40% of the reason why you chose this career is a movie you watched wenta fe sanawi aw fel gam3a: “What Women Want”, “10 Things I Hate About You”…etc. You kinda hate your job(s) most of the time but you would never change your career. Oh… and you’ve changed soon many jobs.


8- You find advertisements analysis – and how you would have done it so much better – a highly amusing topic of conversation when you’re hanging out with friends or on a date… and the next thing you know, you find yourself explaining a strategic marketing campaign analysis behind an ad of a random brand… to your parents or the taxi driver.


9- In your mind, you edit EVERYTHING you read, and you feel so damn happy finding a mistake.  (#this_is_so_me )


10- Ads are the first thing that grab your attention once you get hold of a magazine or a newspaper… , and you get so jealous screening them and sort-of-accurately conclude meen ma3ah feloos w eih akhbar el sou2 instead of just enjoying an article while waiting for your turn at the bank or a doctor’s clinic!!!

11- You use more right than left clicks with your mouse… and you just realized that!!


12- You actually feel JEALOUS of other successful campaigns in the market, and it shows. You’ll find yourself totally AWARE of the “لولواه” campaign recognizing it with all your senses wherever and whenever.


13- Sex, drugs, and alcohol don’t make you super happy (ok, maybe a little bit like) , nor morning sunshine nor even a fairy tale happy family… it’s when normal people recognize and recall or even discuss your ad/ campaign 2odamak…. haaaaaaaa77777!


14- You actually care and nurture your brand’s fan page more than your personal page. And sometime you really feel like quitting Facebook but you can’t 3ashan el pages elly enta medawarha; plus… the voice inside your head is actually talking to you in #hashtags, even if it’s about 7esab el bawab

15- Your social life and network is huge, and it’s somehow 99% related to your work. After all, that’s why they call it “social media”. Your value as an active marketer is directly related to the names/ positions of your friends on Facebook…


16- If you were to choose a super power for one day, you would choose Mind Reading. You have been editing this note in your head all the way till here 3ala fekra! :p


17- Sometimes you think you should be paid for being an “Ad Critic” or “Ideas Source”, 7atakol fozdo2! 😀


18- You hate driving… you know you do. And you have a very bad sense of orientation with streets and directions.

19- Your office is, slowly but surely, becoming your “home”; your corporate prestige is directly related to how messy your office is.

20- By now, the words “deadline” and “presentation” have majorly messed up your subconscious already.




By: Nada Adel