From Star Wars’ The Force Awakens, to Hunger Games’ Mockingjay 2, due next November, 2015 is definitely the year of the sequels. Hollywood is taking us on a nostalgic trip back to our most favourite theatre moments. Identity compiled a list of the 2015 movie sequels which our team thinks were worth the wait.

Jurassic World

Best Movie Sequels In 2015

Twenty two years and millions of fans later, dinosaurs are resurrected back to life for all of us science fiction enthusiasts with a bigger, tougher and more terrifying over-the-edge experience. There’s an outbreak in the highly technologically advanced park, that is yet cramped with humongous raging carnivores looking forward to step and feed on annoying human tourists.

Pitch Perfect 2

best sequel movies 2015

The Bellas are back to the screen, bringing us the most hilarious musically themed moments with their signature style, attitude and rolls-you-on-the-floor sarcasm. The girls are trying to revive their musical career (after they get banned due to another one of their farcical scandals in Barden), and to balance the consuming state of being seniors with their musical commitment.

Ted 2

Best Movie Sequels In 2015

Because Americans don’t give a damn about the realms of reality one should confine to in movie-making, Ted is having a baby. And he wants John’s sperms. And they accidentally knock over an entire incubator shelf in the sperm bank. Trouble arises when the law attempts to overlook Ted as a person, banning him from his right for childbearing; Amanda Seyfried steps in as his lawyer.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Best Movie Sequels In 2015

For one of the very few times that it happens, Tony Stark makes a mess. His creation of Ultron Program artificial intelligence iron suits, which operate independently with an opinionated standpoint, turns to be a recipe for disaster for the human race. Our amazing heroes unite again to save the day in their creatively sarcastic demeanor. We particularly loved The Black Widow’s performance on this one!


Best Movie Sequels In 2015

Five years after the legendary Despicable Me, director Pierre Coffin returns with the background historical story of the unicellular organisms; Minions. From the Triassic era, throughout Ancient Egypt and towards big cities, Minions is the laughter-inducing journey of banana-loving creatures in the search for an evil master.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Best movie sequels 2015

This time we’re following Paul to a Vegas security guards expo, where he winds up helping catch a group of art thieves.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Best Movie Sequels In 2015

Four years later, these drunk dudes are about to take us on a ride to the past. Or is it the future? When Lou gets shot, the guys decide to go back in time to stop the shooting, but instead they get sent off to 2025. Because the hot tub doesn’t take you where you wanna go, only where you need to be.