Gouna Film Festival

As our praised Gouna Film Festival is just around the corner, there are so many astounding pictures that all Egyptians can’t wait to see. GFF mainly aims to connect different cultures through filmmaking and discover a variation of diverse voices that can influence the world, and channel a different way of communication between international and national filmmakers to present to a passionately knowledgeable audience. This year, similar to the prior one, GFF is introducing a wide range of international films that are not only special, but equally culturally rewarding.

The Award categories are few, but of quality like no other. Distributed in Feature Narratives, Feature Documentaries, and Short Films, are the pictures that are running against each other.

Feature Narrative Competition

Cold War, Poland

In the midst of political turmoil, a man and a woman – of different backgrounds – fall fervently in love. The film tells the story of the couple separated by the hardships of politics during the 1950’s Cold War in Poland, Berlin, and Yugoslavia.

Weldi (Dear Son), Tunisia

Sami, the son of a retiring forklift operator at the port of Tunis, disappears after a series of migraine attacks that deeply worry his parents Riyadh and Nazli.

Rih Rabbani (Divine Wind), Algeria/France

In a small Saharan village in Algeria, Amine spends all his time reading the Koran and praying, until he meets Nour. He and Nour attempt to launch an armed operation against an oil refinery, but things don’t turn out the way they expected.

The Man Who Surprised Everyone, Russia/Estonia

Egor and Natalia, Siberian villagers who are expecting a second child when they learn that Egor has terminal cancer. In efforts to fool his death, Egor creates a new identity similar to Zhamba the ancient Siberian epic.

History of Love, Slovenia/Italy/Norway

After the tragic death of her mother, Iva tries relentlessly to discover more about her late loved one, yet, slowly immerses herself in a dreamlike world.

Mafak (Screwdriver), Palestine/USA

Following the story of a young Ziad, who tries to assassin an Israeli settler, but fails and is incarcerated, he is released with a challenged mental and emotional state that threaten two potential love stories.


Feature Documentary Competition

Al Helm El Baeed (Dream Away), Egypt/Germany

In searching for the last inhabitants of Sharm el Sheikh’s luxury hotels, the filmmakers uncover the reality that the revolution and political confusion have done to the beautiful Egyptian spot.

McQueen, USA

A biopic about the famous fashion visionary, Lee Alexander McQueen, uncovering the beginning of his career, his path through life, and his untimely death.

An Al Abaa wa Al Abnaa (Of Fathers and Sons), Syria/Germany/Lebanon

Award- Winning documentary filmmaker Talal Derki enters a radical islamist family and documents their lives for over 2 years.

Samouni Road, Italy/France

In the remaining outskirts of Gaza, the Samouni couple are getting ready for a wedding, after they have lost their parents and families to bombings.

Al Margoha (The Swing), Lebanon

On the eve of his 90th birthday, Antoine lays on his last beats awaiting his dead daughter to return. His wife Viviane is reluctant to tell him of the news as it may end his life as they know it.

Al Gami’ya (What Comes Around), , Egypt/Lebanon/Greece/Slovenia

In a poor Cairo community, al Gami’ya changes the lives of five Egyptians over the span of 6 years.

Short Film Competition

Abdullah and Leilah, , Iraq/UK

Haunted by his childhood memories from Baghdad, Abdullah suffers from dementia, and struggles to communicate with his only English speaking daughter who attempts to get through to him before she disappears from his memory.

All These Creatures, Australia

A little boy pulls apart the bad memories of his destructive father as he is challenged with a mysterious creature that has crept into his house.

Calendar, Russia

At the first glance she is ordinary, yet takes journeys, build lies, and covers them up. But why?

Al Habl Al Sirri (The Cord), Syria

In attempts to deliver her baby one month premature, Nada is faced with challenges that her husband decides to take into his own hands by taking revenge on the sniper at fault.

Eva, Switzerland

Unable to saver her drowning brother, Eva lives with guilt until she finds a puddle that taker her to the depths of the sea. As her mother finds the puddle, she wipes it away.

Ma Tilash An Al Hagib (Eyebrows), Egypt

Aiesha finally discovers that what she hates the most, rests right upon her eyes.

Shoka w Sekina (Fork and Knife), Egypt

Two strangers meet only to share secrets, advice and sensitive subjects, yet sadly leave just as they met.

The Gift, Tunisia

Myriam, Sabri’s wife grants him a gift for their anniversary by reconstructing her virginity, but is surprised by her resulting liberating awareness.

Labour, USA/Italy

Veronica, a surrogate for Carole is faced with a dilemma of aborting the baby or keeping it after they find out that the baby may carry a genetic disease.

Judgment, Philippines

Joy files a case against her abusive husband, where the battle is extremely hard to win for her.

The Nephew, France/Tunisia

France 1945, a boy comes of age and is taken to a brothel by his uncle, where he discovers the cruelty and complexity of the adult world.

The Night of Cesare, Italy

Cesare is asked by his neighbour to watch her son Kadim, where he shares his past and the film sheds light on different aspects of the human condition.

Ebn El Raqasa (Son of a Dancer), Lebanon

Grieving the death of his mother, Majed learns that his mother was belly dancer.