Makeup is more than just pretty colours and glittery looks. It is a statement. And in preparation for the summer, you have to choose the statement that will best express who you are through sunny beach days and wild summer nights.

To help you choose the statement that suits you best, we have gathered for you the best and most glamorous make-up trends of the year to choose from.


Dewy & Glowy

This year, matte is out and glow is back in. The look of the year this year -and hopefully every year- is the healthy ultra-natural glow that highlights all your best features without looking dolled up. To achieve that look, you’ll want to stay away from powder highlighters, and stick to liquid or cream luminizers on your cheekbones, brow bone, forehead, and Cupid’s bow.


Artistic Liner

If you can’t give up your signature “black eyeliner” look, but still want to revamp your look for the summer, this makeup trend is the answer to all your beauty prayers. Playing artistically with your usual black eyeliner will give your look a whole new mystical pop and will help you feel runway-ready all summer long.


Glittery and Bejeweled Eyes

Nothing says “ready for a beach/pool party” on a summer night better than a hint of glitter, or in that case, a lot of it. Applying glittery or extra shimmery eye shadow to your eyelids, or just dressing your eyes with some jewels, gives your eyes a touch of starlight, while adding some playfulness and sheer joy to your whole makeup look.


Stained Lips

This originally South-Korean makeup trend is taking over EVERYWHERE this year, and we are very thankful for it. The stained or tainted lips, or “bitten lips” as some like to refer to it, has managed to combine the playfulness of the lip gloss, the mystery of the matte lipstick, and the effortlessness of the bare lips. And as a bonus, it is the easiest look to achieve because you’d be literally smudging up your lipstick on purpose.



So, bronzers are back in the game. And it looks as though they’re here to take over. This year the go-to look for summer outings or beach days will be the sun-kissed warm-faced look. I.e. LOADS of bronzer. To capture the “slightly tanned” look, use your favourite shade of warm-coloured bronzer liberally on your cheeks, nose, and eyelids. For an extra pop, you can mix your bronzer with an orangey-brown or a peachy blush and eye shadow for your cheeks and eyes.