1- Your imagination is screwing up with everything you face
Especially when it comes to expectations. Not to mention, when your crush is talking to you; you’ll literally dream about your future with them. Oops! You even missed the part about their childhood, but at least you know how your wedding will look like!

2- You don’t have any sense of time
Things are done spontaneously. Keeping track of time is not that important. “Net2abl 6 aw 7 kda?”

3- You never stop daydreaming
…and your friends always call you out when you’re not really listening.  Especially when your body tries to go “autopilot” and you automatically nod when you don’t even know what’s happening.

4- Random ideas keep coming to you
You have to write them down as soon as possible before you forget them.

5- Studying means its doodling time
And you always miss out on important lecture details.
6- You struggle when you text
You keep erasing and writing all over again.

receive dental appointment reminder via text

7- You’re never good at math!
Skilled in any other activity sports, writing, drawing and music- but numbers? Naaah!

7 gif

8- Your dream job doesn’t exist

You just want to make a living by doing the things you love. Reality check: it’ll never happen.

9- You have a visual photographic memory
Your visual memory is perfect! You can remember what a stranger wore last Thursday, but memorizing names?Never!
10-You know how to show and express your emotions to the ones you truly love
You even get pissed off when they don’t do the same thing.

11- Focusing on something you’re not interested in is even harder than cutting a pineapple

12-You’re always swept up with your creativity
But no one sees the “art” you’re seeing.


13-Art must be perfect. Everything else,meh…

14-Your desk is like this

14 choose

15- It’s sometimes okay to be nice and not right
16- You get bored from “small talks”

17- When it comes to patience…

18- You don’t mind being alone
Living in your own bubble is pretty magical.
18 choose
19- You invent stories and scenarios in your head

When you’re reading books you’re not really into.

20- You simply never get bored of walking alone

21- And you rarely get bored of your life

Left and Right Brain



Note: featured image were used in a previous campaign of Mercedes