Being honest with yourself is key to self-improvement and development. Be prepared to read some of the most brutal truths about yourself and your life that you never want to face or admit. That’s how much we care about you; we want you to face the truth no matter how ugly it might be.
  1. It’s a matter of choice. No one sacrifices something; they just basically thought about it and came to the conclusion that there’s one more important than the other.
  2. No one is ever too busy to call back. Yes they might be busy at the moment, but they can call back later, even if it’s a day after.
  3. Dwelling around the past and overthinking about the future will only ruin your present.
  4. You will never make your dreams come true if you didn’t turn them into goals.
  5. The amount of money you have doesn’t define you as a person.
  6. Whatever you did in the past doesn’t matter in the present.
  7. Your feelings are much more important that your thoughts.
  8. You won’t be able to please everyone.
  9. The friend of all, is a friend of none.
  10. You can never see the true colors of a person, just the same way you never show them yours.
  11. People change.
  12. People leave.
  13. Gratitude is a choice that will bring you happiness.
  14. Everyone you meet is either a blessing or a lesson.
  15. No matter what, expectations will bring disappointment.
  16. Forgiving someone gives you the power, not them.
  17. You can forgive someone without giving them the same space again.
  18. People will always judge you based on your looks.
  19. No matter how hard you try to fit in, you will never be able to fit in everywhere.
  20. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”
  21. Words are irreversible, once they come out of your mouth you can never take it back.
  22. Walk your talk because “actions speak louder than words.”
  23. If someone wants to keep you in their life, nothing can stop them. Same thing if you wanted to keep someone.

There is much more than this, but we’ll leave you to think about those for now. It might sting for a while, but it will help you get your life together later.