23 Tips For a Perfect Honeymoon

1 Take all the time you need selecting the location

2 Know your season

3 Be selective

4 Stay in a place with no Wi-Fi to disconnect from people

5 Make it all about love

6 Surprise each other

7 Stay within your budget

8 Read reviews of accommodations before you book

9 Do some spontaneous activities

10 Consult a travel agent

11 Do not expect too much

12 Take at least two days off to relax after the wedding

13 Don’t plan too much

14 Ask around some locals about the hottest spots and restaurants

15 Pack ahead of time

16 Buy your flight tickets as early as possible

17 Make a list of three must-see places

18 Don’t go on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

19 Check the weather

20 Shop local at little boutiques

21 Take lots of pictures

22 Cross something off of your bucket-list

23 Relax and enjoy it