Despite what all the travel sites say, we all know there is nothing worth going all the way to Sinai for except maybe to sit in a resort in Sharm. Seriously, what is even out there anyway?


The beaches are seriously disappointing.

Ras Mohammed sinai egypt
Ras Mohammed, Trip Advisor


The color of the water is just so blah.

Lagona Beach, Dahab, Always Egypt


There is nothing interesting to look at while sunbathing.

castle-zaman- sinai egypt
Castle Zaman, Nature Travel Egypt


Seriously, what about this looks relaxing?

Ras Shitan sinai egypt
Ras Shitan, eventtus


Can you even build a sand castle out of that “perfect” sand? What a waste of effort.

sharks bay sharm egypt sinai
Sharks Bay, Trip Advisor


Anyone interested in diving should just not come.

Three Pools, Dahab, Red Sea Divers Intl


They won’t find any places interesting

diving sinai
Juergen Donauer


There’s nothing to see in the waters of Sinai.

Water Life near Ras Mohamed, La Vacanza Travel


It’s like the sea life just disappears once it hits the coast of the Sinai.

diving red sea turtle
Fantasea Red Sea


Anyone who wants to do new and edgy sports also won’t find anything to do.

Ras Sudr kite surfing sinai egypt
Kite Surfing, Ras Sudr, Planet Kite Surf Holidays


There are basically zero opportunities for wind surfing and kite surfing.

windsurfing dahab sinai
Windsurfing, Dahab, Memphis Tours


There’s just basically no adventure to be had in Sinai khalas.

camels mt. sinai egypt
Mt. Sinai, Polityka


No roads to explore.

cycling sinai egypt
World Biking Info


No scenery to take your breath away.

beautiful sinai landscape


No natural wonders to marvel at.

coloured canyons sinai egypt
Coloured Canyons, Thousand Wonders


No sunrises worth catching.

Mt. Sinai
Mt. Sinai, Travel Centre


The wildlife is decidedly bland and not colorful.

Eco Companions


Magnificent is a word that could never be used.

Ras Mohammed wildlife bird
Tour Egypt


There are no significant historical or cultural sites that add to Egypt.

nawamis_tombes egypt sinai
Nawamis Tombes, Egypt Villa


There is nothing to explore or learn about.

Qalaat Al-Guindi Sinai Egypt
Qalaat Al-Guindi, Megalithic


Anything that might be there is pretty ugly.

Pharoah's Island Sinai
Pharoah’s Island, Global Travels


Or really unimpressive.

st-catherines monastery sinai
St. Catherines Monastery, Ancient Faith


Even when you go to the city, it doesn’t even feel like civilization.

soho_square sharm
Soho Square, Sharm, Savoy-Sharm


The atmosphere is not at all appealing.

Dahab lighthouse
Dahab Lighthouse, Fantasea Red Sea


Overall, if you are looking for a great getaway, the Sinai is not the place for you.

sinai desert
Dahab 4 You


Obviously, this article is a sarcastic way to show just how amazing Sinai actually is. It’s a wonderful place that should be on everyone’s list to travel to. The diving is not only some of the best in the region, but in the entire world. The history is fascinating, the views are incredible, and it’s a great place to get away from it all. Happy travels.