Here are some items you have to have around in your homes. They range from affordable to non-affordable; some we could find prices and some we couldn’t. Nevertheless, with our hectic life style, most of them have become essentials. Check them out:

1- TheBarisieur

An alarm clock that will wake you up with a bespoke cup of coffee right when you need it most.

Price: Between 250$ and 400$

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2- The Slowcooker
With a single touch from your cellphone, you can make it cook your meal when you’re away. All you have to do is prepare it before you head to work!


2 (1)
3- The most advanced butter knife in the world.
The only knife that can melt butter.
Price:  27$

4-Floor Plan Light switch
A master light switch with a simple design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off.
Price: 125$

5-Transparent TV

This creates a rich colour reproduction and full contrast range from solid black to pristine white.

6Solar power chargers.

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7-Magnifying spoon.
Because no one wants hair or bugs in their food.

8-Change It Wall.
It’s still a concept, but it’s said to be a pixel wall that you could change it’s colours and design whenever you want.

 8 (2)
9- The Book Light
It’s a plastic body with LED adjustable lights so you can read in the dark.

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10- Top Brewer 
Looks like your typical sink faucet, but it releases coffee instead of water.
Price: 11,000$
11- Electrolux Bio Polymer or Robot Refrigerator
It’s a fridge that’s 4 times smaller than the average and has a gel like substance that holds your products without selves. You could efficiently use all the space it gives, and it will save energy too.
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It’s a “personal bartender” that will mix up your favourite cocktail on demand under five seconds! Making cocktails has never been easier.
Price: 430$

13-iQ Alarm clock
Instead of the snooze button, which you’ll automatically do in your sleep, this alarm clock has questions that need your lucidity to solve them. This way, you will surely get up fast in the morning.
A Notebook computer that uses holographic technology to create a PC that may be more minimalist than a MacBook Air. When off, the screen is completely transparent and the keyboard goes opaque. Turn it on and the touchscreen holographic festivities begin. Even the mouse buttons are holographic.


15- Your kitchen Nutritionist
Accurate breakdown of calories, carbs, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
Price: 110$


16-Grow Organic Vegetables In The Indoor Nano Garden

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17- Remote control cleaning devices
Ideal for lazy people who just don’t want to clean. For anyone whose mother ever told them to get off the couch and do their chores, this is definitely a sneaky side step around that request.

18-Or just leave them timer and go out!
Roomba vaccum cleaning robots.
price: 700$

19- Citrus Spritzer
Price: 1$
20- Twister Fork
21- Reusable Candle
 22 (2)

24-The Balcony BBQ

25-And finally! TALK TO THE HAND
Yes we really need this.