Have you ever said that Egypt is a boring or ugly country? Think again! Egypt is overflowing with beautiful scenery and things to see, both natural and man-made. Don’t take these amazing sites for granted, get out to see them while you are still young, stop procrastinating!

Here are 25 places you really should see before you turn 25 (but if you are older than 25, we still recommend them).


Historical places:

1. Giza Necropolis

It’s really ironic Egypt is mostly known for the Pyramids, yet many Egyptians, especially young folks, have never seen them in person. There is a reason they are the wonder of the ancient world.

2. Cairo Tower


This is the most underrated place in Egypt! Almost no one goes there anymore, even after it’s 35 Million L.E renovation. The view from up there is magical, and it’s only a few pounds! It’s especially great at sunset.

3. The Saladin Citadel of Cairo


From history, to architecture, to beauty, to restaurants, to even events, almost everything is found at this place. Built by Salahadin between 1176 and 1183 CE, for protection from the Crusaders, the citadel is now one of the biggest touristic attractions in the Middle East.

4. The Egyptian Museum (Tahrir)


With over 120,000 Ancient Egyptian antiques, the Egyptian Museum is one of the biggest museums world wide. You could go solo, or take a tour with a tour guide and brush up your ancient history.

5. Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings (Luxor)


The Karnak area has a plethora of historic monuments – decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings- made over the period of 2,000 years.

6. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut  (Luxor)


The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is located beneath the cliffs at Deir el Bahari on the west bank of the Nile near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. This temple was built under the supervision of only female pharaohs. Yup, our ancestors were feminists!


Religious Places:

7. Cave Church of the Zabaleen (Cairo)


Don’t let its name scare you, this church is actually one of the best churches in the area. It’s original name is “Church of Saint Simon” but it’s locally known as the “Church of the Zabaleen” based on the area.

8. Babylon Fortress/Coptic Cairo


Whatever religion you follow, Coptic Cairo has a place for your religion. From holy churches, to mosques, to temples to just a simple market!

9. Mosque of Ibn Tulun (Cairo)


It’s not just Cairo’s oldest mosque, the mosque has so much history that it can be felt seeping through it’s walls.


Streets, Parks and Markets:

10. Al-Azhar Park (Cairo)


Al-Azhar park is considered Egypt’s biggest parks, with a look on old Cairo and plenty of restaurants and events. It’s a great place to enjoy greenery after living in the brown that covers most of Egypt.

11. City of the Dead (Cairo)


Also known as Cairo Necropolis, the City of the Dead is an Islamic necropolis and cemetery below the Mokattam Hills. From lavish tombs, to tombs of the unknown, to the simple houses of Cairo, this place seems like the set of a horror movie, in the best way possible.

12. Khan El-Khaleely (Cairo)


Go shopping, go for a walk, go pray, go sit on a local cafe, or go do whatever you want. This place has something for everyone, and the atmosphere is really quite magical.


Deserts and Protectorate Areas:

13. Wadi Degla Protectorate


Located 10 km outside of Cairo, Wadi Degla is a protectorate desert area sizing almost 30 km, and it’s filled with limestone mountains, foils, and plenty of desert animals.

14. Sannur Cave (Beni Suef)


Discovered only in the 80s, the Sannur Cave is a limestone cave overlaid with alabaster created by thermal springs. It’s only a one chamber cave, but it’s still worth seeing.

15) White Desert (Farafra)

Cairo, Egypt

One of the best star gazing places in Egypt, it’s still one of the best places at anytime. You could go star gazing, camping, rock climbing (only in certain areas), sand boarding, look for desert animals and reptiles, or simply just chill.


16. Ras Abo Galoum (Sinai)


Just a few kilometers from Dahab’s Blue Hole, Ras Abo Galoum is an authentic Bedouin village that makes you enjoy the simple things in life. You go by hiking, a camel ride, or a speed boat.

17. Marsa Nayzak (Marsa Alam)


Masra Nayzk’s pools were created as a result of a meteor hitting Earth, and it’s located 14 km after Marsa Alam.

18. Port Safaga


Safaga is one of the best diving spots in not just Egypt, but the world! It’s known for it’s bungalow and easy going feel, as well as a full going city. It’s located around 50 km after Hurgada.

19. Pharaoh’s Island (Taba)


The island is located in the northern Gulf of Aqaba. It has a citadel called Ile de Graye. The island is one of the world’s most visited diving locations, since the corals fall in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan’s lands.

20. Sunken City (Sahl Hashish)


There’s an entire underwater pharonic city there, and if you snorkel or dive, you get to explore it. So you’re not just diving for natural corals, but also for historic beauty.

Hotels, Resorts and Ecolodges

21. Taziry Ecolodge (Siwa)


Overlooking the white mountain, the Ghâry Lake and a palm grove, Taziry is one of the best, and most affordable, lounges in Siwa.

22. The Mena House Hotel (Giza)


With it’s beautiful view, overlooking the pyramids, it’s safe to say that the Mena House has the best location in Cairo. The hotel has so much history and a beautiful vintage feel.

23. Anakato Nubian Houses (Aswan)


Founded in 2008, Anakato has some of the most visually appealing buildings in Egypt, giving it a simple yet cozy look.

24. Lazib Inn in Tunis Village (Fayoum)


If you’re looking for a simple getaway, Tunis Village is the place for you. The village is not just beautiful, but has plenty of activities to be done, including safari, bird watching, sailing and horse back riding.

25. The Royal Savoy (Sharm El Sheikh)


The Royal Savoy, located at SOHO square in Sharm El Sheikh is known for it’s outstanding service. Even though it’s location, buildings, pools, and rooms are beyond excellent, everyone goes there just for it’s friendly staff.


How many on this list have you already been to? Which ones are you going to cross off next?