If you were born in the 80s, you probably remember the first time you saw the yellow “M” in the streets of Egypt, without realizing how important it will be in your life!

25 years later, no one was able to come near the McDonald’s long-held throne. It has such a firm grip on our hearts since childhood, which we just can’t seem to let go! And why would we, anyways?

Since this year marks the 25th McDonald’s anniversary in Egypt, and since celebrations are in order, their dream team decided to make it extra special.

So, here’s the plan!

Kids have always been the favored clientele of McDonald’s ever since their dawn. Therefore, they are launching a nation-wide anniversary campaign in which kids will be the code.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear McDonald’s and kids? HAPPY MEAL, of course.

Hence, the campaign is as follows. McDonald’s will be switching from their red iconic boxes to all-white ones for each happy meal. So kids would be able to design their own version of a happy meal or just paint it with a design they like. Pretty creative, huh?

Next step, kids will submit their boxes to the nearest McDonald’s branch to home and wait for the chosen panel to shortlist 5 winners. What will they win exactly? You must be dying to know by now!

The five lucky kids will receive a trip to Euro Disney, Paris along with another family member! Seriously, can’t grownups compete too?

Can’t think of anything better kids could do during summer, really. If you’re also thinking about now your kid should take part in this festivity, there’s a few details you would want to know…

First off, who’s in the panel? And how will they decide on the winners?

Worry not, the panel will mainly consist of artists to guarantee only the best drawings are qualified.

The fun part is, Ola Roshdy, the prominent actress, and the face of the campaign. Your kids will be in safe hands. Like really, who’s better to do this than the super mamma that has took it upon herself to inspire other mothers and help them navigate their way through motherhood!

So, when is the launching?

The campaign will launch on the 1st of August, where you will also submit it back when the magic is done.

End date of the competition will be Augusts the 31st and the winners will be announced in September. Giving the families just enough time to pack for their trip in October!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your crayons out, kiddos. The games have begun!

For more information, please visit mcdonalds.eg