In the last couple of years, many charity organisations managed to win our hearts with their stunning marketing efforts. It’s remarkable how such ads can move the audience’s feelings when they get to see how each pound donated can make a huge difference in an underprivileged or a sick person’s life. These ads make us want to give all we’ve got because we get to make a difference, no matter how small, in this harsh unjust world.

This year, these 3 charities won our hearts because we enjoyed every second of their ads.

#1: 500 500

This time they really outdid themselves with an ad that is not just a reminder of the great work of the late Ahmed Zaki, but also how we can repay a person that we love in the best way possible. Having this amazing touching song that complements the storyline makes you feel every single bit of pain, yet have this urge to make a difference, because maybe you can help a soul.

Donating to this organization will definitely help many people survive this devious sickness.

#2: Magdy Yacoub Foundation

This man is unlike any other, a superhero is just an understatement. Surrounded by all these kids full of joy, love, and hope in their eyes is just very touching. You end up feeling like you want to save all of them.

#3: 57357

Tamer Hosny’s effort in this ad is just phenomenal. The lyrics of this amazing song along with his role in the ad gives you lots of hope, hope that this world can be a lot better. You’d also see sick kids running around the hospital with no worries at all, which only reflects the amount of care and love they receive during their stay. May all these kids get better in every way possible.

Keep doing these amazing marketing efforts, because they do make a difference! And may every suffering soul find peace, happiness, serenity and health.