I am writing this article just for fun, but at the same time I want to leave a good memory of my school. “Tous les Lasalliens” are proud of being one of “College de la Salle” and will definetely relate! Please read what makes our school special:

1) “Koshk 3am 7amada” is the official kiosk of our gathering

2) “Saba7 el nour ya madame 7oriya” how we greet our favourite mawad egtema3eya  teacher at “Cycle petit primaire”

3) “Eh 7esset al3ab di yabni, ehna mesh fel serk 3shn te2oly 7esset al3ab, esmaha 7esset tarbeya reyadeya” by our sports teacher.

4) You are not from DLS if Sherif Zakhary or M. Kamel salib did not make you calculate from “1 million to 0” in mental maths without a calculatrice (Calcul Mental) “w law fih rakam ghalat te3eed tany w nefdal kda le7ad  yom el 2iyama”

5) Maths Exams by M. Sam, M. Magdy Albert, M. William or M. Samer Samir.. Kona benetfe*** literally  then they would say : “ana gebtelko bonus fel emta7an 3ashan tezawedloko daragat”

6) M. Mamdouh el Nemr and how he used to make us laugh all the time, describing us “ento ka2enat fada2eya mota7areka” and he doubts about our Chromosomes “Ana shakek fe kromosomatak ya walla”


7) “3am Karam ayam lama kan el rob3 geneh masrouf mo7taram”

8) Tata7, Galileo, Skiki, Bakar, aresto …

9) Coach Ayman and his favourite punishment phrase : ” Mesh hato2af 3edel, tayeb yalla ma3aya, zera3ein amam elraf3,asfal khafd, khaleek wa2ef fe elshams keda le7ad matet3edel”

10) M. Gamal Ragab & his way of talking 3araby fasee7:

“Zananto enny haf3al s2af3al w ha 2ana 2af3al ya waldy

enaha de la salle”
ظننت اننى سأفعل وهأنا افعل يا ولدي
إنـــــــها دي لاســـال


11) M.Mahmoud Abdel Gelil and taree2et elshar7, la betnam la betshouf 7ad men el fasl ma3ah sandwichat eh enaharda.

12) Madame Michelle when she speaks quickly without translating.

13) Talta e3dady w talta sanawy beyeksabo el dawry kol sana …

14) M.Sherif Za5ary wel bara el ketab, M.Mahmoud Abdel Ghany w koraset el wagebat, M.Ashraf Zakhary wel retenu-hat, M.Sam w M.Samer wel jeux des maths wel khoza3bal-at ….

15) Last but not least I would like to name some of the teachers that are more important to “All lasalliens” : M.Sam , M.Samer Samir , M.Sherif Za5ary , M.Hani Cesar , Frere George Absy , M.Magdy Albert , M.AshrafZa5ary , M.KamelSalib , M.RiskIskander , M.GamalRagab , M.MagdyGamal , M.MahmoudAbdelghany , M.MagdyKauzman M.MamdouhElnemr , Mme Mona Emile , M.Robert< Le Phenomene> , M.PeterAsfour , M.EmadYousry , M.EmadFarag , M.Farid Tamer , M.WassimChohdi , M.SamirFakious , M.Adel Michel , M.Hani
Charles , M.WilliamSobhy , M.Magdy Boutros , M.AshrafGhattas , Mme Alice (Jardin d’enfant) , MmeOllande (Jardin), M.Rizk Iskandar, Mme maryse , M.mohamed hassan , M.milad… etc “sorry law nessit 7ad”

Thanks For George Mohsen & Samuel Mohsen, Photographers Of College DeLaSalle, for their Photos” Le Phenomene M.Robert “Which was taken in Delasalle’s Church

Fier D’etre Lasallien 😀


Written by: Mohamed Mahmoud el Mohamady