Last Friday, we met with the one and only Asser Yassin to discuss his latest work, ’30 Youm’, airing this Ramadan on DMC channel. As usual, Yassin was friendly and open about the challenges he faced during shooting ’30 Youm’.

If you still haven’t heard, although highly doubtful, ’30 Youm’ is starring, Asser Yassin, Basel Khayat, Waleed Fawaz and Inji El-Moqdem. The series is written by Mostafa Gamal and directed by Hossam Ali. Here’s a glimpse from our talk with Asser Yassin.

 1. Why is the cast so discreet about the series?

The show is very thrilling with multiple plot twists. Discussing the series would be a bit misleading because one has to watch the details and the episodes to understand the whole picture of ’30 Youm’.

2. If you would choose between theater and cinema, which one would you pick?

Definitely, theater, as it represents the main medium to which an actor can show his acting skills and abilities; it’s the basis of what the industry is all about. However, my choice would rather be based on what I would see as a great script worthy of being a part of, whether TV/cinema or theater.

3. How did you prepare for ’30 Youm’?

I usually engage with people who face the same situation of the role I’m playing. In ’30 Youm’, I had to pay a visit to a psychiatrist friend of mine to be able to understand certain reactions related to my character in the series.


Although the trailer for the series may leave you wondering what the plot is about, we are dying to see what Asser has in store for us this Ramadan, and quite surely it will be enjoyable!