This is the age where a lot of what you did in your teens and twenties is gonna start appearing on your skin. You’ll be surprised, and maybe frustrated by it, but remember, aging is only a part of life and you can’t control it- You could, however, age gracefully.

First signs of aging starts to show around the late 30s, usually 35 and up. The dermal layer gets thinner primarily through sun damage, the skin become looser and the epidermal layer gets thicker causes dullness in the skin.

Your life style affects your genes, as I mentioned before genes has a role in your skin type but how your skin looks this is your job and how much care you give to your skin..

  • Gentle cleansers: don’t use a detergent cleanser, you can find more details in my previous post “20s skincare” and what to avoid in ingredients of cleansers.
  • Moisturizers: for fine lines and wrinkles you want to add a hyaluronic acid it absorbs the water from your surrounding and will puff up the wrinkles to make it look less deep, you should apply this twice a day.
  • Serums: you need to rebuild the DNA in your skin, keep the collagen and elastin by applying a topic antioxidant like vit.C or vit. E, also look for ceramides in your serum, use it at night.
  • Eye creams: since the eye area is thinner than the rest of your face and usually first signs of aging appears starts showing in this area, applying a moisturizing eye cream is enough unless you have dark circles problem you’ll need a different kind of eye creams..apply the cream with your ring finger and gently pat the products on your skin, don’t rub or pull the skin.

Try to relax and reduce stress, I know it’s hard specially if you are in a stressful job or a new mom but try because the happier you are the happier your skin will be.

Wear sun screen on a daily bases

Sleep well

Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables

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