By Nada Hesham

Nowadays, texting has become a spontaneous and an uncontrollable act that the majority of us engage in almost every five to ten minutes. Sometimes, you will find yourself talking to one person, but with almost two different attitudes. The one in reality is “7amada” which is totally different from that other “7amada” who is texting. Texting builds up many walls that people hide behind while talking to each other. If you think you’re an expert in putting words nicely and decently, it will never be the same as when they’re directly said to your face.

Facial expressions really matter a lot: 

Facial Expression 2

Texting does not reveal facial expressions or direct emotions such as sadness, happiness, anxiety, excitement…..etc. Face to face conversations are much more effective and truly reflect people’s real personalities. You can easily write up endless nice words adorned by nice emojis which sometimes cannot be expressed in real. You may have encountered incidents where people can be super nice while texting but not that nice at all when you meet them in person. You can find a weird or a calm person who is very active on WhatsApp.

Strong emotions cannot be put into a simple text:  

Actions are always louder than words, and through texting you can somehow get away with being fake as no one gets to see your facial expressions or emotions. In general, body language is a very important tool in conveying messages. Saying strong and emotional words, like “I miss you” or I “love you”, is a hundred times more effective when verbally expressed with facial expressions. You are trying by all means to tell the person you love how much you love him/her and how much they mean to you. When these words are expressed through texting, they tend to become meaningless or can lose some of their value and effect.

 WhatsApp fights are never a good idea:

Fights 2

Fights through texting on WhatsApp are different from face to face fights. Small or silly disputes can turn into big and complicated problems when they are handled on WhatsApp. You will find yourself getting mad and texting nervously to reply. You will also find each of the disputing parties competing to text faster than the other to prove he/she is right. The dispute that can last for an hour or two would normally be solved in half an hour if they confronted each other face to face. Sometimes, the long texts you receive from your friend can make you more nervous and you can’t forgive easily. ATTENTION, take care not to hide behind the walls of WhatsApp; try to be sociable as much as possible. Life is too short to spend it solving problems and expressing your feelings through texting on WhatsApp.

When it comes to problems and expressing your feelings, your ultimate choice should always be face to face conversation.