By: Salma Hanno

It’s often said that a sister always treats her brother’s bride harshly. People even dub her as ‘el 7ama el tanya’. This makes it harder for the bride to adapt to the new family. However, this is not always true. Marrying a man who has a sister might be the best experience ever, only if you consider the good side of it.

A living manual guide: 


Instead of trying to figure out how to deal with your husband in certain situations, you’ll always have someone to guide you. His sister has his catalogue; nobody knows how to handle him like she does. It’s only she who knows when he’s throwing fits or when he is just being a spoilt little boy. She’ll easily tell you about his likes and dislikes. After all, she’s his life-time companion. Seize the opportunity and relax.


Neutral judge:      


It’s often very hard to share your marital problems with outsiders. People will always be judgmental, let alone if they tell their friends about whatever issue you’re going through. Only his sister will never judge you whenever you seek her advice; she’ll always be the neutral judge who’ll help you find your way out.


Best friend and family member:   


Although you have a lot of best friends, you would appreciate having at least one of them present at family gatherings and events. Your sister-in-law will always be that one person who makes these official family gatherings much less formal and a lot more bearable. You can both secretly mock some of your relatives without anybody taking notice. She’s a family member and a best friend; what more fun can you wish for?




Many of us sometimes doubtwhether we’re doing the right thing. Am I handling this relationship successfully? Am I a good wife/mother? Is everything going on fine? It’s normal to have these doubts from time to time. However, when we have these doubtful fits, we need someone to motivate us and give us a push to go on. Nobody will manage to play that role as successfully as your sister-in-law. She’ll be your perfect supporter and motivator. She won’t think “Oh! She’s making a big scene out of nothing.” She’ll exert her extreme efforts to make you feel that every ounce of work and effort you put into this relationship is highly appreciated.