Who has the time now to read written reviews before they shop? We need someone to do the work for us and luckily, there is. Beauty bloggers are saving us a lot of time and money by featuring all the new products on their platforms. Here are 4 different kinds of blogger-approved products you should know about!

Beesline- Tanning Oil

Beesline is coming with full-on force this summer. Their latest trendy product? The gold tanning oil. People in our IG stories are going crazy about it and we still didn’t get any bad reviews!

Bless Leave-In Cream

If you’re a curly head, surely you heard of this leave-in cream by Bless at least once. Didn’t? Well, we’re here to tell you all the hair bloggers are now using it to keep their curls intact. It’s free of any harmful chemicals and smells AMAZING!

Tarte-Contour Concealer

This is an absolute blogger’s favorite. And honestly, we can see why. It’s definitely the best right now, but only if you’re looking for some serious full coverage finish look. Otherwise, opt for something softer on the skin.

The Ordinary-Peeling Solution

Honestly, we’re not really into chemical exfoliation but we hear this one product is pure magic. If you dare try it, watch tutorials and read more about its ingredients and how it works first!

Shop away, girls!