Who said you only need pills to get rid of a cold? Sometimes they still don’t work and all you’re left with is your lifeless, exhausted body. You sure can’t prevent a cold but you can definitely get it to pass much quicker.

Here are 4 simple things you can easily do to help getting rid of your cold naturally and reduce its duration.

1. Ginger Honey Lemon


When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and have a drink. Lemons help you soothe and clear your throat, also act as a cure to get rid of cold. So squeeze 2-3 lemons with no added water first thing in the morning and before you go to bed and you’ll be amazed with the fast results.

Tip: you can also add a teaspoon of pure honey and ginger powder and mix them together. Honey helps loosen congestion and prevents dehydration while ginger helps you sweat out the toxins in your body.


2. Keep drinking

fresh juice

Not alcohol for sure. Alcohol, coffee and fizzy drinks can make dehydration worse. But drinking plenty of water, hot drinks, fresh juices and eating green veggies with a balanced diet will all help to alleviate congestion and keep you hydrated. So follow the “feed a cold, starve a fever” saying and you’ll swear by it and get over your sickness fast.


3. Don’t blow your nose

blowing nose

As crazy as that might sound, blowing your nose actually makes it worse. Constant sniffing and blowing your nose hard, would actually lead to several headaches, irritations and would keep the mucus coming back again and again. When you try this, you’ll notice the results and keep doing it. So next time you feel your nose runny, just gently wipe it up with a soft tissue. Though, the best way for blowing your nose when there is congestion is to soften the mucus by using a nasal spray.


4. Work out

working out girl sweating

Oddly enough, working out for a little while everyday can actually help get rid of a cold. Being active and sweaty, rises up your body temperature and kills the cold virus (just like what a fever does). Because most cold viruses can survive only in temperatures of around 37 degrees, a fever is the body’s natural way of killing a virus. But if you can’t do it and feel so tired and can barely breathe, you should stick to resting instead. Working out would be better if your sickness was still starting not when it gets bad.