Facebook groups have been a thing for quite some time now. There are certain FB groups in Egypt that have affected a lot of people’s lives in different kind of ways and have proven very beneficial and advisory. Here are some of the most useful Facebook groups that every Egyptian woman should know about:

1- Confessions of a married woman:

This group is a private one that requires an invitation/ recommendation from a female member in the group for the admin to accept your membership. It shouldn’t be complicated since you’ll definitely find a member or two who are within your close circle of friends. The purpose of the group is for different women to find a platform where they can confidentially confess their marital or relationship problems. They receive different advice from other women members of the group. This group is quite a shocker!! You get to listen to extremely diverse stories from people of different backgrounds and you get to read advice supporting all sorts of contradictory points of view.

2- 7ad ye3raf:

There are actually two ‘7ad ye3raf’ groups, one for girls and the other for guys. Whatever question crosses a member’s mind, they inquire about it on the group and other members reply to them. 7ad ye3raf a good quick recipe, 7ad ye3raf where should I find a certain kind of cheese and so on…

3- Bride Group:

If you’re a bride-to-be or a newly wed, you must have definitely heard of this group. All members of this group or at least most of them are previous brides who answer all your queries starting from where you should have your wedding to who should be your photographer. You can seek a lot of very useful advice on this group.

4- The Mommy Club:

One of the best mommy communities ever. You can ask whatever question you like and you’ll find a lot of other mommies helping you out or going through exactly what you’re going through. If you’re a new mum, it will definitely assist you.