Noise Control is something that exists everywhere and is taken very seriously in the west; some as exaggerated as using the flush after certain hours in Switzerland!!!

Now whether or not laws like these exist in Egypt is not the issue, what matters more is if they’re applied or not! Since they aren’t, these are the things we need to stop doing in order to be better neighbors and everyone can live in peace.

1- Loud Music

Whether your neighbor is having a party or thinks they’re the next Jimi Hendrix, music that you didn’t consent to listening to, is probably the most aggravating thing. That is not even keeping in mind if you’re trying to work or study for a final. Even if they were playing your favorite song, it’ll drive you up a wall!


2- Fights

Honestly, you can like your neighbors a lot, but there’s a limit to how personal you want to get with them. I’m really not that interested in listening to your entire fight with your children. I’m sorry Ahmed doesn’t want to do his homework but I need to sleep ya tante!


3- Construction

Probably the worst one on this list. No one ever wants to be listening to banging and loud power tools. That’s the easiest way to get a headache and just want to blow your head up! The worst part about this is that sometimes this happens even at night. I mean, we can appreciate the fact that you’re trying to build something and we can try and tolerate it in the mornings but at night! Don’t cross that line!


4- Cars

Everyone living on a main road knows that 3 am car drifting races is any person’s nightmare! I mean c’mon people, there must be a better way. Besides, what type of lifestyle are you leading that allows you to be racing till early morning hours? No, seriously tell me, I might need to make some life changes!


At the end of the day, proper noise control being enforced in Egypt will only do everyone good. If it’s not, well we can at least do each other the favor of trying to mind other people around us.