This year, the Ramadan race was missing three big names that we all wait for every year; Youssef El Sherif, Ahmed El Saka and Asser Yassin. But we found solace in the news that their absence from the small screen was due to the fact that they were all working on projects for the big screen!! But unfortunately that’s not what happened…

1. Bany Adam 

Youssef El Sherif, who was triumphing every year in Ramadan with exceptional series, announced earlier this year that he would make a comeback to the movie world with ‘Bani Adam’ after 9 years of absenceThe movie producers declared that they are still waiting for the perfect time to release it. They don’t want to rush it because it involved a tremendous amount of work. They hinted that it might be out by Eid El-Adha. Also there is a rumor circulating that Synergy Film, the production house of the movie that also produced ‘Lelit Hana’a W Sorour’ didn’t want to compete with two movies in the same season, fearing that they might affect each other.

2. Talat Shohour 

Ahmed El Saka has reunited with his favourite (and our favourite too) co-star Mona Zaki, but unfortunately the movie faced difficulties with some of the scenes that were supposed to be shot in the United States. So the project got pulled back until further notice.

3. Torab El Mas

It seems that we have been waiting forever for ‘Torab El Mas’ to hit the big screen! We are beginning to think the movie is jinxed. After surviving a complete change of cast, and after we all danced with excitement that Aser Yassin will play the lead role with one hell of a cast alongside him, for the zillionth time the creators of the movie announced that the movie won’t be released this Eid. They promised they will announce a final due date soon.

4. El Kenz 2 

Also ‘El Kenz 2’ creators broke our hearts and announced that the movie won’t be competing this Eid, and will be released in Eid El-Adha instead.

We hope we don’t hear anymore bad news, and cross our fingers that we’ll be watching these movies during Eid El-Adha in a couple of months.