Habits To Quit
Happy man portrait

Beauty exists in the eye of the beholder, so does success. Success varies from one person to another, based on different life perceptions. It alters from having money, being the best on your job or even having a magical deep-connection relationship. It’s a single term with multiple versions. You need to define your own version of success, stick to it and identify the ways leading you there. To help you pursue your success in 2018, these are 4 major habits to quit in order to succeed.

1. Ungratefulness

Focusing on negatives will only duplicate them. Based on the law of attraction, what you give attention to the most is what comes to life. Consequently, the key to abundance resides in concentrating on the good sides of life. Start by counting your blessings which will stack you with gratefulness and will eventually unlock higher levels of positivity and success in your life. Besides, you owe it to yourself to avoid toxic and negative people, because a positive life cannot be created amidst a negative environment.

2. Self-victimize

If you blame external circumstances on your situation and attribute your status to things out of your scope of control, then let me confront you with the truth: you opted for the path of self-victimizing. This process will deepen your chance of powerlessness, which could not be more false! How you respond to the uncontrollable is what’s controllable. Rather than perceiving life as something that happens to you, be an active actor, step in and take part in creating it.

3. Pursuing happiness

YES! You read it right. It will leave you unhappy and feeling incomplete. As Buddha claimed, “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”. The trick is to realize that happiness is always with you. All you need to is alternate your conscious and choose to see it, detach your happiness from your achievements, appreciate your journey and enjoy every step of it. Moreover, it’s destructive and undoable to be constantly happy. Sometimes the downs are necessary for you to cherish the ups.

4. Procrastination

Procrastination is the unwillingness to do something and choosing to do another thing. To overcome this habit, you have to define the reasons behind your procrastination; lack of motivation, lack of interest, self-doubt, perfectionism or even fear of success. This will enable you to find the convenient way to get over that reluctant feeling by making an attitude adjustment, sensing the unrealistic high standards and abolishing them and knowing your self-worth. After all, life has a certain end in an uncertain time, thus tomorrow is never promised.