By Haya Arafa

Unlike the luxurious famous chains hotels, boutique hotels are stylish, small and cozy. Typically situated in a fashionable urban location, they mostly share an authentic design.

Alf Leila

Alf Leila 1

Location: Dahab
Inspired by the famous fairy-tales  “Alf Leila wa Leila”, this edgy guest house is driven by a highly personalized, highly professional level of service – all taking place within a relaxed atmosphere. Located in the center of Dahab and just a short distance from the beach, Alf Leila boutique hotel offers individually themed Arabian-style rooms. The Moresque courtyard features a dip pool and a lounge area.

Alf Leila 2
Price range: 255 L.E

Ali Baba

Ali Baba 1
: Dahab
The hotel features an oriental style where Ali Baba’s famous magic phrase “Iftah Ya Simsim” can be felt throughout. Each room is spacious, well decorated, has a sea view balcony, air conditioning, a fridge, a satellite TV, an en-suite bathroom and can accommodate up to three people.

Ali Baba 3
Price range: 312 L.E

Ali Baba Gardens Budget rooms

Ali Baba 4 Budget garden rooms

Ali Baba gardens are located about 50 meters to the back of the hotel. Each room enjoys similar Ali Baba standards, with en-suit bathrooms, overlooking a small garden, but they are smaller in size, have no TV and have fans instead of air conditioning.
Price range: 70 L.E


Tobya 1 (1)
Location: Taba
Tobya is a boutique hotel in every sense of the word – outstanding architecture in a prime location; offering highly personalized service, distinctive décor and a great value to guests.
Tobya overlooks the famous Gulf of Aqaba and 4 different countries – Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia – the unique location speaks for itself.

Tobya 1 (4)

Dawar El Omda

Dawar el omda 1 (4)
Location: Gouna
A unique establishment in the Red Sea, Dawar El Omda is built like an old Upper Egyptian mayor’s mansion. The traditional house’s architecture is authentic to the core. Domes and arches in natural beige tones grace the exterior, while superb interior design gives pride of place to antique furniture and handcrafted décor pieces. Spanning across the saltwater lagoon that separates the island of Kafr El Gouna from the Downtown area of Tamr Henna Square, the hotel extends on both sides of the waterway, which are linked by a stone arch bridge.

Dawar el omda 1 (2)
Price range: 450 L.E