When you think about kids shows, you often imagine happy times with lots of colors, food and games. You probably don’t immediately think of creepy sized dolls and stuffed animals designed to hurt people, right? Well for some reason that was our sad reality. Here are 4 TV shows from the 90s that still traumatize us till this very day!

Elly Fat Sat

Okay, let’s start with this horror show and get it over with. “Elly Fat Sat”, now what was that all about? Like seriously, we believe Annabelle was inspired by one of those creepy always smiling dolls!

Mazra3t El Ahlam

Dig deep, you probably blocked this memory out. This supposedly “kids” show is pure evil. That intro with the intense music, the gloomy costumes and creepy dolls. Seriously, WHY?

Kooky Kak

A large chicken doll living among humans? Who’d watch that? Alright alright, we all probably did. But come on, we only had very few choices back then and we just couldn’t afford to be picky.

El Le3ba

Last but not least, El Le3ba. Seriously what’s not to like? Two GIGANTIC human dolls fighting over a tiny stuffed doll and when they manage to tear it apart, it turns out to be NELLY. We love Nelly, but this was not cool.

So, as we conclude our trip down memory lane, all we have to say is thanks to the shows’ runners and Egyptian television for scarring and scaring us for life!