series/ads unconsciously

This Ramadan, like before, we’ve witnessed a number of times where some series/ads unconsciously promoted discrimination and fat shaming through its content. This is in fact very disappointing. Because people should be treated equally whichever race, sex, country or color they belong to. They shouldn’t feel bad about their body or how they look. And definitely, media shouldn’t promote such behaviour!

Here are 4 times the media disappointed us:

#1: ICity

Regardless of whether the joke was funny or not, it shouldn’t be published, to begin with. Telling Maged El Kedwany how he knows nothing about sports because of his body weight is not okay. Lots of people get to do sports even if they are overweight.

#2: AL Wasseya Episode 1

Getting overweight kids to take part of a dance and make fun of them is plain wrong. How would this make kids feel? In addition to this, having a boss sarcastically asking his employee how he gained all of these KGs in a short period is humiliating. Imagine that your boss asked you that very same question, how would you feel?

#3: AL Wasseya Episode 4

The first episode was enough of an indication of what this show is and what values it has. But again they surprise us in the 4th episode with their cynical comments about the overweight guy in the show. It is definitely heartbreaking to hear all of this and call it ‘comedy’.

#4: Azmy and Ashgan Episode 2

Referring to a black man as a sinful man just crossed all lines possible and impossible. This reference makes you feel like we are still living in the 18th century where no education about races was ever given in school.

#5: Skyline Ad

Hany Salama is loved by many women, but I am guessing that right after this ad, he lost some of his fans. This ad is nothing but sexist in every way possible. It indicates that women are the source of misery and drama for men, that men can buy women with gifts… etc. In fact, this ad doesn’t promote a place for a happy family; it promotes a place where men can run away from their wives to be happy.

Please stop making fat shaming or discrimination the whole basis of your humor. Of course, there are lots of other more fun ways than calling a guy fat or demeaning anyone with a darker skin tone. How actors joke in series/ads is how all our kids will joke.

Kids learn about ethics, equality, and respect in school, and they learn about laughter and humor through the TV. So please don’t contradict with all those moral standards set.

And don’t create this picture and carve it in people’s minds that women are a source of sadness, misery or drama, because this stereotype needs to end.