What draws a line between a man and a gentleman? What magic lay within manners so that they make a regular man charming and attractive? Here goes your answer; manners, etiquette aren’t just a way of letting the world know how you behave; it’s also a way of letting people know that you respect them. For some odd reasons, the concepts of manners are a dying breed these days. The little gestures that make all the difference in any kind of relationships got buried under the fast rushing rhythm of our lives. But no matter what occur around him, ladies, a gentleman will always follow the customary code of polite behaviour. Below are 4 sure signs you have found a modern gentleman:

He Avoids Crass or Vulgar Humour

This rule has recently been added to the rulebook of good manners; because while writing down the art of elegant dress and graceful conversation and how to act courteously, it wouldn’t have cross anyone’s mind the need to mention that a man must boycott the use of curse words! It seemed obvious back then. This rule doesn’t only apply when he is in your company, a gentleman would avoid crass and vulgar humour because no one likes a person who’s socially insensitive. His words define who he is, so if he picks them carefully, he is indeed a gentleman.

He Arrives on Time

In the world of gentlemen, the concept of “fashionably late” doesn’t exist; in their world they still go by the good old rule that arriving late is just flat-out rudeness. They always honour the time agreed upon, because they believe doing the opposite, indicates that you do not value your time, nor the time of the other person involved. In a world where it’s deemed ‘okay’ to show up whenever you please, he sets himself apart and shows up when he said he would. He is a reliable and dependable man in the long run.

He Holds the Door Open 

Now, let’s forget all about the trendy notion that holding a door open for a woman is a gesture of ‘sexism’! We, women know very well that we are capable of opening the door for ourselves, don’t we, ladies? A gentleman knows that too, but that doesn’t stop him from holding the door for you, for the elderly, and for anyone who is close behind him that could benefit from a door being held open. It’s a kind polite gesture, and a gentleman doesn’t do it to prove anything but his good manners.

He knows How to Listen

Let’s talk numbers in order to elaborate this one. The scientific breakdown of human communication is 9 percent writing, 16 percent reading, 30 percent speaking, and 45 percent listening. Formal education covers the first three parts; but only a gentleman will practice to master the fourth. Hearing is different from listening. If he gives you his full attention when you speak, if he doesn’t interrupt you, if he doesn’t fidget, or show signs of impatience; you have found yourself one hell of a man. Not using unneeded words speak so highly of the person, and prove his is a gentleman.

And that’s how you figure if your guy meets the requirements of a modern gentleman or not.