There lots of myths related to health and beauty; stuff like putting tooth paste on a burn or powdered coffee on an open wound.  It is time that someone set the records straight and shed light on what is true and what is simply WRONG…

Don’t Keep Your Skin Products in Your Bathroom, They’ll Lose Their Efficacy

Not true, most beauty and care products go through a long trial phase to ensure that they won’t go bad during shipping or storage. So keeping your creams and srubs by the sing or the tub won’t give u cancer.

I Have Dark Skin, So I Don’t Need To Wear A Sunscreen

Again wrong,   darker tones of skin do have a natural SPF but still susceptible to sun burn and skin cancer; make sure you slaughter on some protection when outdoor.

Good Genes = Good Skin

This again is a myth, if your parents and grandparents aged gracefully and look good for their age that does not mean you will too. External factors like stress, food, smoking can affect your complexion.

My Foundation Has SPF, So I’m Protected

Nope…not true; the small quantity of sun protection in a foundation is not enough to protect from the damaging effects of sun rays. Use your sunscreen separately from any beauty products you may ad onto your face later.