Just when we thought social media couldn’t get any more horrifying, it proves that it can. On Saturday, February 9th, police arrested four young Egyptian students for posting a derogatory video on the internet mocking Christian prayers and hymns.

Recently, a YouTube video titled “4 Al-Azhar Students Mocking Christian Prayers” started circulating social media platforms. The video features 4 young men shamelessly imitating the Christian prayers and mocking the entire Christian religion.

Just all kinds of appalling!

One would think that after all the efforts invested in national solidarity initiatives, such an act of complete ignorance comes and brings everything that’s been built so far to the ground.

On an even more disturbing note, some people actually didn’t seem to think it was a big deal for them to completely insult Christianity. Some even thought it was funny!

This reflects something greater and more dangerous than this one incident. It truly demonstrates the magnitude of the deep-rooted cultural issue of the lack of respect and tolerance to others’ religions and religious rituals such as prayers and hymns!

We tend to take it lightly when someone makes fun of someone else’s religion but when it comes to our own we draw the red line! If we are ALL raised to respect others’ religions the same way we respect our own, we wouldn’t be left facing such an awful division and disgusting behavior!

Thankfully, the police were able to locate these reckless boys who turned out to be residents of Saft El-Hana area, Abu Hamid, Sharqiya.

Investigations also showed that one of them is a student at the religious institute in 6th of October city and another at Al-Azhar’s institute in Sharqiya.

The students confessed to filming this insulting video on January 31st in one of their houses, then student Mostafa. H.F uploaded it on his YouTube channel, “as a joke”, he said.

Mostafa also stated that what inspired him to post this video is a Facebook page he follows called Primo which apparently addresses political, religious and economic issues in a sarcastic manner.

Social media strikes again…

That’s where the bigger problem lies, those 4 boys might not have meant to be offensive, and that is what is even scarier! In their minds, they think that there is nothing wrong with mocking an entire religion, to them, people’s holy prayers and beliefs are materials for jokes, also reflecting a huge and drastic cultural gap in our society!

Naturally, and because of its extremely offensive nature, after being posted, the video triggered a huge backlash and criticism. So they removed the video and posted another one apologizing for offending anyone and claiming that “they never meant to offend the Christian community”.

After their apology, some people started to defend those four boys. Because apparently, an apology is enough after insulting an entire religion!

However, such ignorance and recklessness should NOT pass without consequences!

Al-Azhar University officials have referred Mostafa to a disciplinary committee to further investigate the case and apply the appropriate and necessary punishment.

However, one can’t help but think that whatever punishment ‘the university’ will apply can’t be enough, considering the size of this issue!

This ‘comical’ appalling video threatens something far greater than ethics and morals as important as they are-, it threatens the national unity of our country.

A very strict legal action is in order, to teach those boys a proper lesson and lead by example to warn anyone else who tries to undermine someone’s religion or beliefs!