Nile Felouka

Although they may not seem like it, feloukas actually make up quite a big part of the charm Egypt has. It’s right up there with the Pyramids and all the museums.

The only problem is that while we’re taking a ride in them, we’re usually bored because there’s nothing to do. We figured out how we can remedy that, though.

Get Some Board Games

The next time you and you friends want to rent a felouka, you might want to swing by your local Virgin Megastore or bookstore and buy a board game or two to have a little fun.

Yes, we know some people think board games are boring but, to be honest, no one ever yawns when Monopoly gets interesting. Don’t get too competitive, though.

Throw A Little Dance Party

People always go to feloukas for a good time and dancing around, no matter how horrible of a dancer you are, this is as good a time as any.

Ring up your friends at the end of the day, put your money together, and throw yourselves a little party.

Have A Classic Movie Night

Charge your laptop and download a couple of films before heading out with your friends to the felouka.

We can guarantee you that a change of scenery will make the night even more special, especially with the stars and the lilt of the Nile.

You can even reenact some of the scenes from the movie after you’re done for fun. Just pick something that won’t get too graphic for the marakby’s ears.

Put An Interesting Twist To A Cute Date

There aren’t many people who would take their dates to a felouka, which is a shame, honestly. You can take a stab at that from many different angles, the way Ahmed El-Fishawy did in El-Hasa El-Saba’a.

For example, why not try the romantic candlelit dinner with a moving view? We bet that would be unforgettable. Breakfast dates too will be a hundred times better with the view.

You don’t need to have fun in the traditional way.