It’s amazing when you find someone you click with. Yet sometimes the grass may seem greener on the other side, yearning for single life aspects, and the freedom and space to do anything can be quite alluring.
Honestly, you may find yourself missing some of these aspects of being single:

1- Easier Logistics And Being Able to Skip Activities You Don’t Like:

Your daily schedule may be as simple as going to work, ordering a pizza when you get home and then binge-watching Friends for the 10th time this year.

With someone in the picture, this isn’t most likely to cut it. If you are the quiet, indoors type, you will learn to fear a new term: midweek appointments! You will find that you have to go to an appointment that you may not be that keen on, but as a loving partner, you have to.

Surprisingly, you may find yourself actually planning for rest/downtime amidst this clutter!

2- Ordering Food Faster:

Your significant other may be a person who takes a lot of time to decide what and where to eat. On some days this can annoy you when you just want to grab a bite and have enough on your plate already—all pun intended—and realize that you will wait on them to decide.

You realize that sometimes the greater portion of your time is basically deciding what to eat with your partner.

3- The Ability to Go Radio Silent:

Maybe you are the lone wolf type and love your own company or you’re just stressed out. Sometimes, you just need to disconnect and ditch all this electronic-induced anxiety. You can do this by merely switching off your mobile, temporarily deactivating your Facebook account, and stay at home for a weekend—most likely binge-watching Friends for the 10th time this year.

This is challenging when there is someone in the picture; it’s not fair to expose them to such worry and feeling of being shunned away. And you may need to now work on balancing priorities, tweak between selfishness and selflessness a bit.

Maybe you find yourself guilty of yearning for days when you just go radio silent, pack your stuff and disappear in Sahel for a couple of days.

4- Not Missing a Night Out with the Boys/Gals:

This one is a bit of a cliché. Your partner may tell you that you spend too much time with your friends and that they’re feeling left out. As the caring boyfriend/girlfriend that you are, you have to take your partner’s concerns into consideration and make amends.

And bam! Remember this trip to Dahab with the gang? Not anymore! The new Amr Diab concert with the girls? Not happening!

You will have to divide your time between your family, your partner, friends…not to forget work, hobbies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc. It’s not just the logistics anymore; going out with your friends and just doing nothing begins to seem like a far-fetched idea.


And you will hate yourself for it, and you will feel guilty because of it, but for a split-second, you will miss your single life.