The summer season is in full swing, and everyone is rushing to the nearest gym to get those summer bodies on point. We all set goals to break free from our unhealthy lives and get back on track with our fit lifestyle, but most of the time we get frustrated or eat up the stress till we lose hope and put those goals aside. If you relate somehow to that feeling, we’re sharing some inspirational transformation stories of athletes who had barriers along their way of change but managed to transform themselves both physically and mentally to achieve their target. Bottom line is you’re not alone, take a look at those athletes who share how a 6 week transformation program titled ‘The Climb’ has changed their lives with a specifically tailored program that suits their needs, a well-balanced nutrition plan and coaches who motivate them in an unprecedented manner. All the way from ‘HIT Egypt’ fitness hub, here is your dose of motivation!


1. Shady Mahgoub , 26

‘I’ve always been that overweight friend who can’t engage in exercise regimens. Let’s just say I’m not your typical size friend to go shopping with. The thing is I’ve had back problems and that gave me the perfect excuse to reply to why I don’t exercise. One day, I realized that the modern world of fitness has a solution for everything. I did exercise routines that did not harm my back; the Crossfit coaches make sure you stay injury free. Today, I lost 30 KG of pure fat and believe it or not, my back doesn’t hurt anymore.’


2. Farida Mahgoub, 25

‘It’s no surprise; I’m Shady’s sister. My story is a bit different. I have been overweight, but never unhappy about it. One day, I felt it was more about leading a better life. I unintentionally lost some weight and that made me feel better in general. I asked Shady to guide me through those Crossfit programs that help you transform. Today, I stand at a 20 KG lower weight and have great toned legs. The lesson learnt here is to ask for help and use the inspirations around you to change.’


3. Fatma El Fakharany, 21

‘I’m that typical university student who wants to ace all her courses. I have always told myself I will lose the weight once I’m done with my studies. Once I realized it can’t wait, I decided to put my weight loss as a priority, and guess what? It was all what mattered. I planned it right and waited. I planned hours for studying and assignments then gave myself an hour daily to work out those fats. Three months later, I was unrecognizable and my grades were still good. My final word of advice, have a plan!


4. Amgad Sorour, 30

I have been there before when I lost weight and transformed my body. What happened next is that I got busy with work and deadlines. All of a sudden, I found all that extra weight slowly creeping back. I could have given up and told myself I’ve been there before. Well, I didn’t! I decided to fight back. There were times when I used to work out at the office. All I can say is that when there is a will, there is a way!”


The lessons learnt here are definitely the same. It’s never too late, nothing is impossible and health is a blessing to watch out for! Don’t take your life for granted. You have to work hard to keep yourself in shape and be patient with achieving your goals, not to mention keeping yourself committed to those goals. The first step is to learn from other people’s stories and believe in your own capabilities. Will this summer witness a new version of you both physically and mentally, who knows?

N.B: Credits to ‘HIT Egypt’ fitness hub for sharing those inspirational stories and images of their own transformation athletes. May you always keep changing lives! Check out their Facebook Page /Instagram account  or even pay their venues a visit at Concorde Plaza 5th settlement, 8-Fitness Gym roof Heliopolis, Heliopolis sporting Club or even at Telal-El Sahel for further details!