Relationships in the workplace are crucial as they can make or break a work environment. When you have a great boss, it’ll make you excited to come to work and be productive. Having a good boss can be rare; the number one reason for people quitting their jobs is their manager. Here we’ll tell you what types of bosses you can’t work for to save you the trouble. 

1. The Micromanager

This type of boss has a hard time trusting others and will involve him/herself into every aspect of your work to make sure things are done right. It could be lack of trust or fear of failure but the end result is, you have no room to work. Plus you don’t have the freedom to make decisions which you think are right for your work. Your manager is there to just help and guide you and not to do your work for you.

2. The Tyrant

Bosses like that are super toxic as they only care about their own ego and well-being. They won’t look out for their subordinates and will make decisions that will only be to their own benefit. Anyone who challenges the status quo is seen as an up-riser and is eventually crushed. This person doesn’t build team moral; rather, they divide and conquer, make seemingly arbitrary decisions and take every chance to remind you that they are in charge.

3. The Innovator

This, at first, will seem like a great person to work for. They come up with all the creative ideas. The problem lies with how you never see those ideas put to good use. The ideas just keep coming, but you have no time to see those ideas put into motion.

4. The Sleeping Cheerleader

While we really don’t need constant encouragement or reaffirmation, it’s still pretty upsetting when you don’t get any acknowledgment. This can be very bad for productivity as employees won’t feel that they’re being appreciated for their hard work. Some bosses can forget or even feel they don’t need to praise employees thinking that they’re only doing their jobs. But getting praised for your hard work will not only raise your own morale, but it’ll also make you work harder and perform better.