Admit it, you spend a good amount of time stalking your own boyfriend or girlfriend’s active status on social media. You’re worried they’re replying late, having more fun with their friends or worse…

These are just some modern problems that people never worried about in the age before social media. Benefits of social media were always shoved down our throats but did we even sign up for this other nonsense? Here are 4 ways social media is badly affecting our relationships!

Inhouse Spies

We don’t know if you’ve all noticed but our social media presence is actually turning us into part-time spies. Yes, even those of us who are above it all. The easy access to one another at all times made it rather pleasurable to pry on each other’s day-to-day activities.

And, if you’re in a relationship, the pressure only gets more intense. Why is it taking him so long to reply back? Why doesn’t he ever text first? Who’s that girl he always likes her photos, should I be worried? Is he alive?

Digital Intimacy and Real Intimacy

You could meet some guy online, talk for hours and hours and you can really feel the connection there. When you meet though, it’s less fun. Why? You’re mistaking digital intimacy with real-life intimacy. Not everyone you’ll meet online will be as compatible with you in person. FACT!

Contagious Feelings

Rage, jealousy, anxiety, and depression are some second-hand feelings we’re often exposed to whenever we spend some time on our timelines. Naturally, we could easily be infected. Even if our own day and our own relationship were going perfectly well.

If you’re suddenly upset, try to take some time away and stay offline. Engage in a real conversation or go out and meet some friends. All in all, try to limit the time you spend per day online!

Too Much Exposure

Green with jealousy much? Mmmm…even of people you don’t even know and don’t have the slightest idea what’s really going on in their lives? It’s the overexposure.

Browsing through Instagram, comparing their lives to yours, wondering why you’re not as lucky in love, career, or even house. You might as well start up a fight with your person for not buying you presents more often and only end up more frustrated.

The world is really a small village now, but against common belief, it’s TOXIC.

We’ll say it again, take some time off social media. SERIOUSLY!