For most of us, a visit to the hair salon is usually about some “me” silent time to get a blow dry and go. HOWEVER, the truth is, we end up hearing all about the hairdresser’s recent surgery or domestic fights.

We definitely don’t go there looking for a friendship. And this is not out of snobbery, we simply don’t feel it’s a situation where we have to have a heart-to-heart talk, ever.

While some find it a great way to kill time, for others, especially with social anxiety, salon experience becomes as dreadful as a visit to the dentist. So, Here are 5 smart ways to avoid the awkwardness!

Bring a friend along

If avoiding the chit-chat is impossible, might as well do it with someone you know and feel comfortable talking with. Being accompanied by a friend will make it hard for any uncalled for conversation with the hairdresser. Or let’s hope so!

Your phone, your savior

In awkward situations like these, sinking your head in your mobile will do just the trick. Take the time to check your whatsApp, Facebook or answer delayed e-mails! This should save you some good time before the next chatting session.

Play the”headache”card

If you keep responding with short answers and your hairdresser still won’t take a hint, he will ask you why you’re being too quiet. This is your cue to say that you’re having a terrible headache and will appreciate some silent time.

Shuffle-on your playlist

If the world won’t allow you some time for yourself, make it. Once you’re seated for your regular trim, don’t be shy and put on your headphones and enjoy some peace of mind!

Having your hairdresser ask you about the last time you got a trim or offer you hair-fall solutions is absolutely okay and normal. But it should stop at that!