Skia Watson, a British young girl drowned recently in a swimming pool while on a holiday with her family at the Seagull Hotel in HurghadaEgypt. The 4 year old is thought to have banged her head before falling down in the water.

How it happened?

Skia was out of her family’s sight for a few moments, before the lifeguard caught sight of her and jumped in the pool to her rescue. Unfortunately, CPR and all attempts to revive her were futile.

The question here is: who to blame?

Naturally, the family blamed the hotel.

According to them, the pool was quite large and more than one lifeguard should be on duty.

Here’s a picture of the alleged swimming pool:

Also, Skia’s relatives claim that the lifeguard who tried saving her had no first-aid skills!

On the other hand, the hotel made a statement that the young girl “wasn’t watched by her family.”

The way we see it, both arguments are valid. However, in such situations, there’s isn’t a necessity to place blame right away.

How could we avoid such tragedy?

For starters, parents should know all about safety swimming pool cautions. Because as fun and entertaining as swimming pools are, it is also-under some circumstances- fatal.

Also, hotels need to provide a full on safety services for their guests as well as an emergency plan in place.

Finally, we give our sincerest condolences for the family and we really hope its the last incident of that sort.

Note: we have tried contacting the hotel for an official statement but we didn’t receive a response yet.