With all the crazy price increases, shopping has become a very frustrating experience in Egypt. Even wardrobe essentials are stunningly overpriced, but we’re here to tell you not to worry about it anymore, we too share your struggle!

We created the following list to provide you with the most fashionable summer pieces, from dresses to swimsuits, with the most affordable prices!

1# Chic Leads Boutique:

IG: Chic_leads_boutique



Chic Leads Boutique is a small business owned by some GUC grads. They sell the best and trendiest summer outfits. It’s also the best place to shop in winter, and the best part about this online store, is that it’s really affordable compared to many stores.

AND most importantly, they have a SALE on their page every other day, can you believe it?

2# Shopping Challenge:

IG: Shopping_Challenge


This store basically has everything that screams summer; from fashionable summer dresses to cool beach attires. They also sell trendy affordable sportswear AND sunglasses, in great quality!

Don’t miss their Instagram page!

3# Shopaholics Shop:

IG: Shopaholicssshop 



Here you can find all the cute and colorful swimsuits and tops, in the best prices. They also have some really cool jumpsuits that would fit all occasions!

If you don’t believe us, go check for yourself! 

4# Shopping Online:

IG: Shopping_online45



This store has, hands down, the best collection with the most affordable prices! You’ll surely find some items that you’ve been looking for but couldn’t afford at a really attractive price.

5# So Seductive:

IG: so.seductiv


Shopping Shopping Shopping Shopping

This one sells the best swimsuits online, with amazing prices. With their big, unique collection, it’s very hard not to find something to suit your style.

They also have some really cute and trendy rompers! 

We hope the list meets your expectations. Enjoy your summer without breaking the bank!