Social media has given talented underground artists a platform to showcase their talents to the masses who are wasting their lives away online. From fashion designers to self-proclaimed stylists to photographers to comedians, all sorts of individuals are snapping away their lives and giving everyone a glimpse of their acts.

Personally, there’s nothing I love more than laughing my heart out. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the whole Vine movement and the increasing popularity of the social media comedians. Here are my absolute favourites:

Abdoulrahman Ihab Ibrahim:


Link to his video:

I honestly believe Abdoulrahman is one of those people who are just naturally funny. He doesn’t try to be funny; anything he utters is just hilarious. He makes fun of things that drive us all up the wall. I kid you not, you’ll find me commenting and tagging all my best friends on every single one of his videos- that’s how much I appreciate his existence on my newsfeed.

Mohamed Jimmy:


Link to video:

So, I personally find Jimmy’s critique of other people’s videos to be the best- it cracks me up! His references to the ”panda” are also pretty iconic.

Eslam Hossam: 


Link to video:

Eslam is perhaps the most random guy on the internet. In his videos, he goes from embodying a khaleeji show host to a spoiled rich kid to a traditional middle-aged Egyptian man. He’s all over the place. His Facebook statuses are just as hilarious as his videos.

Mohamed Mekkawy:


Link to video: 

Here’s the thing, whenever I turn on my phone/laptop and log onto any of my social media accounts, I literally find Mekkawy’s face on there doing a vine, video, advertisement, photo-shoot.. you name it.  Everything aside though, I love it when he combines two separate Dubsmash videos into one- they end up being super funny.

Ahmed Hossam:


Link to video:

His signature move is using a sort of high-pitched Helium-like voice, and granted not all his videos are incredibly laugh-inducing, but honestly some of them are. Just take his videos lightly and don’t take his comments to heart- he is, after all, a comedian.