Whether it’s an upcoming project or the beginning of your exam week, you are bound by a due date.
And they suck! There is no way you can convince anyone that deadlines are fun! They have the word dead in them!

On the eve of a project’s deadline, everything can suddenly seem interesting except what you are currently working on. Here are some things that get instantly interesting when you have a deadline around the corner:


1- Memes

There is a meme for that

You should be racing against time rather than waste it watching…well, cat memes. Yet you spend half of the day watching cat memes…


2- Weird Videos

You can spend your free time learning about important stuff on the internet, such as Astrophysics or Biochemistry.


Yep, you can come across some random stuff that will surely stick with you for years. Who knows? Maybe one day you will run into someone who has a bunny and you will know how to gain its trust (the bunny, not the person).

It can simply start by checking out a tutorial for solving a problem or fixing something in your laptop. Next thing you know, you are watching a list of top 5 conspiracy theories about the moon landing.

Or just cat memes videos…

3- The Ceiling

“What’s life…?”

It can start off as a break to rest your eyes and collect your thoughts, but the moment you start staring at the ceiling, it’ll evolve into one of three things:

A) You will get too caught up in your brain, contemplating life and how the ceiling is made and what is it made from. How is this fly there? Does it require any effort for it to become attached to the ceiling? Should I open YouTube and watch a video about that and gain its trust?

Before you know it, the day is over and it’s too late!

“What have I done…?”

B) You’ll end up sleeping for the entire day. And also wake up and it will be too late!

Also us on January 1st, 2019

C) You will forget what you were doing and lose track of everything…

“Was it cat memes that look to the ceiling, I wonder?”

4- Songs And Their Lyrics

We all have this earworm that we can’t get out of our heads. Any parent can tell you about the flashbacks they get when they hear Baby Shark.

The horror…

Some songs can easily get stuck in your head and the more you dwell on them, the more you just can’t shake them off.

5- Mobile Games

Candy Crush can steal time from your life in a dangerous way, almost as dangerous as the idea of consuming this ridiculous amount of sugar. Before you know it, your day is wasted away, your plans are all messed up, and your friends already hate you for all the invites you sent them—were the extra lives really worth it?

“The picture of defeat…”

What about you? How do you kill time? Let us know in the comments—after you finish your work, please…Can’t have this one on our conscience!