There’s nothing quite like settling down in front of a banquet of food after the call to Maghreb prayer. But as you (or let’s be honest, your mum) know, it’s not easy to prepare a meal suitable for your Ramadan hunger. More difficult yet is whipping up a feast for your whole family or crew of friends in time for sunset. Luckily, a few of Egypt’s top eateries will make it as easy as picking up the phone.

1. G.K Home Catering

There’s nothing quite like Egyptian food, and we’ve all gotten home after a long day of work and craved a warm, homemade meal – a little ma7shy; some molokheya perhaps; a plate of fattah never hurt anyone. Often times though, you’re just way too tired to actually cook it – or you’re just a really bad cook who can just about make toast. Maybe you just got married, and mama didn’t give you the bamya recipe. That’s where G.K Catering comes in and saves all you people who feel isolated in the 6th of October neighbourhood. Make your order just two days in advance and it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Contact number: 01273086424

2. Chef In a Box

They deliver right to your doorstep, and better yet if you place your order before 1PM, you get your order the same day! The ultimate tasty and delicious feast saviours, from the stuffed chicken to the soft and crunchy minced pie, they are simply amazing!

Contact number: 01226377986

3. The Cookery Co.

A team of three young women (Soraya Aboul Nasr, Nour El Sadat and Amina Hassan) founded The Cookery Co. for the love of food. Driven by passion to explore the world of food, creating something exciting from the ordinary ingredient, they present you with a unique gourmet approach. Give them your kitchen and they will give you a full tummy.

Contact number: 01144200044

4. Louly Halawa Cuisine

From mouthwatering Iftar meals to mini sandwiches all the way to fruit platters; Louly Halawa’s Cuisine will have you covered. They offer a wide range of food in the finest quality and the most exquisite sense of tastefulness.

Contact number:01098880707

5. “Home Made” Catering

Maha Alfy, the professional caterer behind “Home Made Catering”, is now offering a wide selection of menus to cater your parties, engagements, special occasions or simply your daily needs of food! For over 20 years now she’s been offering a wide range of food and desserts in the finest quality, most exquisite taste with the best unbeatable prices. Her menu includes anything and everything from the most sophisticated canapés and h’ordeuvres to typical oriental dishes! Her dishes are finely packed for storage or ready to eat; you can pick your meal yourself or she can deliver it to your door for a simple fee!

Contact number: 0122 389 0145

6. Ghada Nawara Catering 

Ghada Nawara catering offers all varieties of catering services, from event and ceremony, to cocktail parties and more. So if you’re looking for catering with twist in style, or more specifically a combination of your mother’s cooking and a fantasy restaurant, then Ghana Nawara catering is for you.

Contact number 01222101369