By: Hala Majed

Most of us have a favorite onscreen couple; we enjoy watching them together in films, falling in love, and facing different challenges. We empathize with their ups and downs, get heartbroken when they break up, and eagerly wait for the last scene.

These couples never fail to make us imagine them as real-life lovers and get us attached to the persona they show on TV. 

So, here is a list of the celebrity duos that everybody was rooting for to be couples off-screen:

1.   Tamer Hosny and Mai Ezz El-Deen

It was always rumored that they were together since the very successful comedy trilogy  โ€œOmar W Salmaโ€. We were all rooting for them to be real-life partners because of their on-screen chemistry.

2.   Ahmed El Sakka and Mona Zaki

โ€œKeda Okโ€, โ€œSaeedi Fel-Gam3a El-Amerekeyaโ€, โ€œAyam El-Sadatโ€, โ€œAfricanoโ€, โ€œMafiaโ€, โ€œ3an El-3esh2 W El-Hawaโ€ and โ€œTaymour and Shafikaโ€ are all works that the duo filmed together and made us believe they were the perfect match!

Rumors were all around about the nature of the relationship between those two! And even though they were cleared up numerous times, people still wanted them together.

3.   Ahmed Mekki and Donia Samir Ghanem

This duoโ€™s chemistry on-screen was so believable that people got attached to their characters being together. And throughout all the works they were both featured in, everyone thought they were a match made in heaven. Don’t you think El-Kebeer and Hedeya were relationship goals?

4.   Mohamed Emam and Yasmine Sabri

From “Gaheem Fel-Hend” to “Leilet Hana W Sorour“, Mohamed Emam and Yasmine Sabry just looked so good together on screen. And we’re pretty sure, just like everyone else, they would’ve been great off-screen as well!

5.   Ahmed Dawood and Dina El Sherbiny

Even though Ahmed Dawood has such a beautiful wife and family, while also Dina El Sherbiny is already with the Megastar, Amr Diab – we all imagined them being a great couple in real life because of their chemistry in “Hepta”, โ€œZay El Shamsโ€ and โ€œGrand Hotelโ€.

And there you have it! Those are our picks for celebrities that we believe would have made great couples in real life! Do you have others in mind that we didnโ€™t include? Let us know!