New Year's

2018 is winding down and like every New Year’s, there are certain types of personalities that specifically sparkle at this time of year.

The time when a year is ending and another is beginning is, indeed, a magical time. But what makes it even more magical is the different ways people choose to celebrate this time, or not celebrate.

Although very different, there are few common characters that the New Year’s just wouldn’t be complete without. Here are some of them: 

1. The Optimistic With A Hint Of Cliche

At the beginning of every year, there’s always this positive person who sees the new year as the silver lining to all of last year’s clouds. You often hear him\her saying phrases like “New Year, New Me”, “A new year means a new beginning”, blah blah blah. They also usually start planning their New Year’s resolutions since Halloween. And like always end up throwing out the list by January 5th.

2. The Pessimistic Cynical

This person is actually easier to spot than the happy cheerful one. They always have their apocalyptic look on. Going around judging people for celebrating the New Year’s. Because to him\her, the world is ending and we should all be preparing for our eternal doom. Word of the wise, if you want to enjoy your holidays and special occasions, steer clear of that person from Christmas till Valentine’s, because they’ll just rain all over your parades.


3. The Party Train

This one, you will be lucky to spend your New Year’s with. They only know how to party their way into the New Year. They never miss a celebration, from small cozy gatherings to mega all-out parties. They are always the life of the party and the most popular one in the room. If you are lucky enough to find one of those party trains, don’t hesitate to hop on and enter 2019 in style!

4. The Nonchalant

This ‘too cool for school’ type does not waste a chance to emphasize how they don’t care about New Year’s and how lame they think the whole thing is. Throughout the entire celebrations season, they look down at everyone who dares to utter the words of “Happy New Year’s”. You can usually tell them apart by their social media posts that just drip with the nonchalant vibes.



5. The Accidental Nonchalant

This is the person who sleepwalks through most occasions, so they rarely pay attention to what people are saying. He\She usually lives in their own world; they don’t follow trends and don’t have the slightest idea what is happening around the world. This is also probably the same person who will keep writing the date with 2018 till 2019 Mother’s Day.

So how are you guys planning to celebrate 2019? Are you one of those characters? If yes, which one are you? Tell us in the comments!